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University Career Architecture Project (UCAP)

The Division of Human Resources is excited to announce the launch of the University of Arizona Career Architecture Project (UCAP). For approximately the next two years, UCAP will represent a complete re-design of the current job and compensation system for classified staff and appointed professionals.

The last time an effort of this magnitude was undertaken was more than 25 years ago! Several important goals are guiding our efforts. One is to create a clear job structure, or “architecture,” that will help employees envision their possible paths to career advancement. Another is to benchmark UA salaries against those at our peer universities or other organizations with which we compete for talent. 

Project Outline

UCAP is currently in the project planning stages, but below are expected next steps:

  • An external consulting firm will be selected to help structure this project.
  • Subject matter experts on campus will be consulted to help us develop career models for all job functions and for groups of related jobs (referred to as “families”).
  • Each department will match, or “map,” its positions to their best fit in the new career models.
  • With help from our external consultants, external market salary data will be matched to our career structure and current incumbents. This allows us to asses market competitiveness and salary equity.
  • Policies and procedures will be updated to support and maintain UA’s new career and compensation programs so they remain current and competitive.

This website will continue to build as the project progresses, offering you the latest news on our progress. Town halls, focus groups, and direct e-mail communications are also being planned to help you stay up-to-date and share your input with the project team.

If you have a question or would like to share insight, please email