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    Arizona Minimum Wage Update - Wednesday, February 5, 2014

    The University of Arizona implemented the Arizona Minimum Wage effective January 20, 2014. These centrally-administered changes will appear in the February 7, 2014, paycheck.

    UAccess Analytics Report

    The "Arizona State Minimum Wage Applied" report now identifies the individuals whose hourly rate was increased to $7.90 per hour through the centralized automated process. The report is available at:

    • UAccess Analytics -> Dashboards -> Employee -> Compensation -> Arizona State Minimum Wage Applied

    Reminder About Student Groups A and B

    There is no longer a distinction between the minimum pay rates for Student Group A and Student Group B, and these two classifications have been combined into Student Group B. Once all the current Student Group A incumbents leave this job title, it will be permanently retired.

    Student Group A is limited to use by current incumbents only and is unavailable for new hires.

    More Information

    Additional details are available on the Division of Human Resources website at:

    Questions may be directed to Jay Angus, Human Resources Research Analyst, at 520-621-0164 or at