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9/12 Pay Plan FAQs

Questions about or changes to tax annuities should be directed to your outside agent.

As an academic-year employee my benefit premium deductions increase for the spring semester to pay for my benefits during the summer. What happens to my benefit premium deductions if I change to the 9/12 pay plan option?

Benefit premium deductions will be distributed equally over 12 months. 

Can I return to the standard academic-year payroll (the 9/9 pay plan)?

Yes, if you elect to return to the academic-year pay schedule, the change will become effective at the start of the next fiscal year. The form is due to Systems Control by May 16th, 2016.  Please give the completed Return to 9/9 Academic Pay Plan form to your department business representative. It will be attached to a job data change request through MSS Online Forms. Your department will maintain this form. 

Will supplemental compensation be affected if I am on the 9/12 Pay Plan Option?

No, you will still be eligible to earn up to 1/3 of your salary as supplemental compensation. Supplemental compensation monies may be received concurrently with salary payments during July and August. 

I have been an academic employee, but I signed up for the 9/12 Pay Plan Option. Am I now considered a fiscal employee?

No, your appointment contract will still indicate the appointment is academic and the Personnel Action Form will confirm this. Provisions regarding vacation time, sick leave, etc., will not be affected. 

Is the 9/12 Pay Plan Option available to all academic-year employees?

Yes, the 9/12 Pay Plan Option is available to all regular University academic-year employees who are paid on a standard nine-month academic year. 

The following individuals are not eligible: 

  • employees in their initial year of appointment 
  • faculty in their final year of a phased retirement agreement 
  • graduate assistants/associates 
  • postdoctoral research associates 
  • employees in a temporarily funded position 
  • visiting, adjunct and other temporary employees 

Do I need to re-enroll in the 9/12 Pay Plan Option every year in order to continue?

No, you will remain enrolled in the 9/12 Pay Plan Option until you elect to withdraw from the plan by completing a Return to 9/9 Academic Pay Plan form. 

What happens if I terminate my employment, retire, have an FTE reduction, take a leave of absence, or go on long-term disability while on the 9/12 Pay Plan Option?

You will be responsible for repaying the University for any excess payment you received.  Termination, including retirement, must be effective no later than the end of the current academic appointment as stated on the Notice of Appointment or Notice of Reappointment. 

What happens if I decide to end my employment at the end of the academic contract period?

You will receive a one-time lump sum payment to meet the conditions of the 9/12 Pay Plan Option Agreement.  This payment will be made on the last pay date of the academic year.  UA benefits will end at the conclusion of the academic year in May. 

Will this affect my supplemental retirement plan?

If you participate in the Voluntary 403(b) plan and/or the 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan, you may wish to consult with an investment company representative regarding any changes that may be required due to your change in pay schedule.  Contact information for investment company representatives can be found on the Division of Human Resources Website. 

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