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Classified Staff Job Description

Job Code: 071970
Title: Computer Specialist, Telescope
Pay Grade: 51
Pay Range

Purpose of Classification:
Develops, designs and implements computer programming systems in order to operate and diagnose integrated telescope control and data acquisition systems. Requires knowledge of mini and micro computer hardware, operating systems and applications languages, interfacing hardware and computer peripherals.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
This is first in a series of two classifications and is distinguished from the Computer Specialist, Telescope, Senior in that incumbents report to a Computer Specialist, Telescope, Senior. At times requires working at high altitude and traveling to remote observatory sites.

Example of Duties:
  • Develops computer programs for data acquisition and real-time control of telescope and observing instruments, either stand-alone or networked to other observatory computers and accessed remotely from campus via microwave link.
  • Develops, implements and enhances programs for data reduction, image processing and telescope performance analysis, utilizing math-intensive algorithms.
  • Develops and implements test procedures to evaluate program performance, debugs programs as necessary and consults with users and supervisor to verify accuracy of test results.
  • Prepares documentation on complex computer programs for user manuals; provides training and training materials for software systems related to the telescope and associated equipment.
  • Performs installation and checkout of new computers, operating systems and applications software and documents the installation.
  • Provides internal consulting on computer software and hardware; assists in the preparation of computer specifications and purchase requisitions for the acquisition of new equipment.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Knowledge of computer software/hardware technology, including an understanding of microcomputer architecture for interfacing with mechanical, digital and signal processing hardware.
  • Knowledge of computer operating systems and application development languages, used in a real-time control system.
  • Knowledge of at least two of the following languages: FORTH, Pascal, FORTRAN, C, assembly language.
  • Knowledge of at least one modern operating system.
  • Knowledge of engineering mathematics required for servo system design, data reduction algorithms and performance analysis.
  • Knowledge of intercomputer communication techniques and/or distributed computing systems.
  • Ability to effectively communicate, with emphasis on technical documentation.

    Minimum Qualifications:
    • Bachelor's degree in an Engineering or a science related field AND two years experience in developing, designing and implementing computer programming systems; OR,
    • Any equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education approved by Human Resources.


    Revised: 06/08/2002

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