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Job Title Job Code Pay Grade FLSA
Data Entry Specialist 073031 B01 Non-exempt
Data Entry Supervisor 073033 B04 Exempt
Data Input Operator 072070 21 Non-exempt
Data Warehouse Analyst 073040 B07 Exempt
Data Warehouse Analyst, Principal 073042 B13 Exempt
Data Warehouse Analyst, Senior 073041 B11 Exempt
Database Specialist 073050 B07 Exempt
Database Specialist, Principal 073052 B13 Exempt
Database Specialist, Senior 073051 B11 Exempt
Design Coordinator 030580 52 Exempt
Designer / Drafter 030600 43 Non-exempt
Dining Services Attendant 040430 21 Non-exempt
Dining Services Attendant, Senior 040440 21 Non-exempt
Dining Services Division Asst Manager 040400 41 Exempt
Dining Services Division Manager 040410 43 Exempt
Dining Services Supervisor 040450 23 Exempt
Dining Services Supervisor, Senior 040460 33 Exempt
Disability Specialist 020690 43 Exempt
Driver / Courier 051390 21 Non-exempt