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Promotion/Transfer Probationary Period Performance Improvement Memo Builder

(For Classified Staff on a Promotion/Transfer Probationary Period)

Supervisors: Use this format to generate a draft Performance Improvement Memo in accordance with Classified Staff Policy 112.0, Probationary Periods. This performance improvement memo only applies to Classified Staff employees still in their six-month promotion/transfer probationary period and is provided when the employee is not meeting job requirements and/or performance standards. (This format is not for a six-month initial probationary employee.)

Human Resources Consulting Services is available to consult about probation periods and managing job performance.

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Date to be issued:
Employee's name:
(Do not address to Human Resources or Employee File)
Employee's title:
(Use UA Classified Staff Job title, not functional title)
Supervisor's name:
Supervisor's title:
Is this letter for a Transfer Probation or a Promotion Probation (select one): Transfer Probationary Period
Promotion Probationary Period

The following statement will be inserted at the beginning of the notice:
“You are currently on a promotion/transfer probationary period that began on [date], due to your [transfer/promotion] into your current position. You are being issued this performance improvement memorandum due to your unsatisfactory performance in this position, in accordance with Classified Staff Policy #112.0, Probationary Periods.”

Probationary period start date:
State the specific nature of the problem(s), including specific examples:

For example, “You were given several assignments on [date] to complete by [date]. These assignments were turned in late, without explanation, and contained several errors. As a result, we had to assign additional staff to review and correct the problems in order to meet our departmental deadlines.”
State the corrective action(s) required, including the specific and reasonable standards related to the problem(s):

For example: “In order for your performance to be considered satisfactory, you will need to complete your assignments on time and they must be error-free.”

There are two paragraphs that are always included in the Promotion/Transfer Probation Performance Improvement Memo and they will appear automatically on the final draft.

After you select "create memo" below, the information you entered above will appear in a final draft memo that includes language about the termination during probation.

Updated/Reviewed by SH 5/21/15