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Promotion/Transfer Probationary Period Termination Notice Builder

(For Classified Staff on a Promotion/Transfer Probationary Period)

Supervisors: Use this format to generate a draft Promotion/Transfer Probationary Termination Notice in accordance with Classified Staff Policy 112.0, Probationary Periods. This termination notice only applies to Classified Staff employees still in their six-month promotion/transfer probationary period and is issued when satisfactory performance is not achieved following a transfer/promotion performance improvement memorandum. (This format is not for a six-month initial probationary employee.)

Keep in mind that an employee on a promotion/transfer probationary period:

  • Serves a six-month probationary period and the transfer/promotion probationary termination must occur on or before the last day of probation. (For example, if promoted or transferred on May 10, the last day of probation is November 9)
  • May be eligible to be paid for accumulated vacation in accordance with the Classified Staff Policy 200.0, Vacation.
  • Must be paid all wages due within three working days following the termination date or on the payday following the end of the regular pay period, whichever is sooner.

Human Resources Consulting Services is available to consult about termination of a promotion/transfer probationary employee or to clarify the probationary period of your employee.

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Date to be issued:
Employee's name:
(Do not address to Human Resources or Employee File)
Employee's title:
(Use UA Classified Staff Job title, not functional title)
Supervisor's name:
Supervisor's title:

The following statement will be inserted at the beginning of the notice:
“On [date] you received a performance improvement memorandum due to your unsatisfactory job performance during your promotion/transfer probationary period. It outlined the specific performance problems and corrective actions required for satisfactory performance.”

Date when the promotion/transfer
probation performance improvement
memo was received by the employee:
State how the employee has failed to meet the performance standards after the performance improvement memo, including specific examples:

For example, “Since the performance improvement memo, you were given two assignments to complete by [date]. These assignments were returned on [date] after they were due and contained several errors.
Termination effective date:

Take care when calculating the end of probation because the termination must be effective on or before the last day of the six-month probation. For example, if the promotion/transfer start date is May 10, the termination must be effective on or before November 9.
Describe any other separation directions/information:

For example: “You must return all University property, equipment and materials issued to you during the course of your employment. This includes, but is not limited to, keys and room privilege cards. These items must be returned to me on or before your last day of employment.”

After you select "create memo" below, the information you entered above will appear in a final draft memo that includes language about the termination during probation.

Updated/Reviewed by SH 5/21/15