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Time Reporting for Exception Reporters within UAccess Employee

Exempt employees are paid for the whole job, regardless of the amount of time or effort required to complete the work. Because they do not record hours of work on the time record, they are referred to as "exception reporters." The University of Arizona provides several types of paid leave and, in order to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), requires that exempt employees record leave time used (sick, vacation, etc.) during a pay period. Exempt employees are not required by law to record presence at work, but it is permissible to do so. To provide the most flexibility to the campus community, UAccess Employee is configured to allow for both Exception Time and Presence at Work (PAW) reporting for exempt employees. It is up to each college/department to determine which method best meets its business needs.
Exception Time reporting within UAccess Employee requires only that the exempt employee report leave time used during a pay period. If the employee has no sick, vacation, jury duty, bereavement, or other leave to report, no action is required. If no leave time is noted, the employee’s electronic time sheet does not have to be approved, and the employee is automatically paid his/her regular, biweekly pay.
Please note that holiday pay is considered an exception and must be approved, even though this time is automatically loaded in to the time sheet and no action is required by the employee.
Presence at Work (PAW) within UAccess Employee enables colleges/departments to record that an exempt employee was present for a given pay period. When an exempt employee selects the presence at work time reporting code in UAccess Employee, it defaults one unit to the first Monday of the pay period. This one unit is representative of presence at work for the entire pay period.
PAW may be required for some sponsored programs, and the enforcement and use of the PAW indicator will be left to the department’s/college’s discretion. Colleges/departments choosing to use PAW should establish internal guidelines regarding when and how to report PAW to ensure consistency and accountability. UAccess Employee does not require PAW time to be approved; however, colleges/departments may set up internal reporting to monitor use and compliance. 
UAccess Employee contains the source records necessary for any audit. As implemented, the system setup is in compliance with the FLSA requirements. The data it contains is also the source for preparing the University’s Effort Report. The effort reporting process, as designed by Sponsored Projects Administration, complies with all the corresponding sponsored program requirements and federal regulations.