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Watch for Affordable Care Act Subsidy Notices

Friday, June 10, 2016

Why is it important that I send a copy to the Division of Human Resources?
These subsidy notification letters provide UA the only opportunity to appeal and correct any inaccurate information the Marketplace may have received from a UA employee about hours worked and/or health insurance coverage offered. If a benefits-eligible employee received a subsidy, the UA must document that health insurance was offered in order to avoid significant IRS penalties for violating the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act.

What do I need to do if I receive a subsidy notification letter?
The Division of Human Resources will review and respond to the subsidy notification letters. Therefore, each time you receive one, please:

  • Scan the notification and email it to the Division of Human Resources at as soon as you receive it. UA has 90 days from the notification date to submit an appeal. 
  • Include your department name and the employee’s name in the body of the email.
  • Forward the notification to the Division of Human Resources even if the named employee has ended UA employment or is unknown to you.

Under what circumstances would I receive a subsidy notification letter?
The Federal Health Insurance Marketplace will send notifications to employers whose employees have enrolled in health insurance through the Marketplace and received a subsidy for that coverage. An individual could be eligible for a subsidy if he/she is not offered employer-sponsored coverage. 

Will I receive a subsidy notification letter directly?
The subsidy notification letter will be mailed to the employer address provided by the employee when he/she applied for health insurance through the Marketplace. Depending on what address the employee provided, it could be sent to a department/unit, college/division, or even the main University of Arizona address. Please ask your colleagues to keep an eye out for these letters. 

What do these subsidy notification letters look like?
Follow this link to view a sample subsidy notification letter:

 Questions? Please call 520-621-3660 or email