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FLSA Weekly Rate Calculator

This calculator will help you determine whether an employee holding one or more exempt job titles meets the Fair Labor Standards Act salary-level test (that is, makes $455 per week).

Note: Anyone who holds a non-exempt job title or is paid on an hourly basis is non-exempt, regardless of the weekly salary. 


For each position, enter the employee's annual rate of pay and FTE. You may enter up to four positions held concurrently by the same employee. Do not enter fractions or non-numeric characters. The calculator will compute the weekly rate. Once you have entered all the information, click the "Status" button and the employee's FLSA exemption status will appear in the "Status." If you make any changes after you click the "Status" button, you must click it again to update the information.

FLSA Status Calculator

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Employee Type:
Fiscal Year
Academic Year
Job No. Annual Rate FTE Weekly Rate
1 $
2 $
3 $
4 $