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Employee Transitions

Making Sound Staffing Decisions

During periods of diminishing resources, administrators and managers must examine all programs and services for their ability to achieve divisional and departmental mission and goals. Often these choices lead to a realignment of resources that often results in elimination of services and staff. This information will focus on how to integrate business needs with policy requirements. 

A Manager's Guide for Having Nonrenewal & Layoff Discussions

It is never easy to tell employees that restructuring or budget cuts or other changing business needs require elimination of positions in your organization. These hard-to-hold conversations can be done with dignity and compassion when supervisors plan for them and make every effort to provide employees with relevant, useful information about this difficult change in circumstances. This document provides ideas for preparing and having these conversations.

All forms, letters, and memos related to employee transitions can be found here, including:

  • Retirement
  • Phased Retirement
  • Termination
  • Layoff
  • Nonrenewal