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Other Compensation

  • Faculty/Appointed Professional Components of Pay/Pay Components
    Forms, guides, definitions and instructions for Faculty and Appointed Professional compensation are available here—all in one location.
  • Faculty/Appointed Professional Components of Pay Matrix
    This matrix outlines actions, reasons, pay groups and other field values for the following faculty and appointed professional compensation categories: Institutional Base Salary, Limited Term Adjunct Faculty, Other Professional Service, Summer/Winter Session and Supplemental Compensation.
  • Limited Term Contracts
    The HR Website link above navigates to specifications which provide details for completing electronic forms to hire Limited Term Adjunct Faculty employed for a period of 18 weeks or less. The MSS Hiring Request" used to hire Limited Term Adjunct Faculty is located in UAccess Employee.
  • New Hire/Rehire Rate Adjustment
    Detailed guidelines and instructions are provided for compensating "late arrival" academic Faculty and Graduate Assistants/Associates the FULL contract salary amounts. 
  • Other Professional Services Compensation (OPS)
    Definitions, instructions, examples and the OPS form provide resources to assist department/college representatives with Other Professional Service Compensation transactions.
  • Summer and Winter Session
    The current summer or winter session schedule is listed on the main page of the Summer Session website.
  • Supplemental Compensation for Appointed Personnel
    The definition, form and examples provide resources to assist department/college representatives with Supplemental Compensation transactions for appointed personnel. Additionally, the Appointed Personnel Supplemental Compensation schedules list the maximum hours allowed by week, pay period and fiscal/academic year for the summer and winter session break.