Furlough-Based Salary Program

Last updated 11:00 am MST, July 1, 2020

The Furlough-Based Salary Program will reduce salaries and provide a balance of paid Personal Flex Time for participating* employees. These employees, in coordination with their supervisors, will determine when to take Personal Flex Time. 

Content on this page is updated daily as implementation guidelines are determined. We encourage members of the University community to visit these webpages frequently.

Please submit questions to the Division of Human Resources.

*Most University employees will participate. Those not participating include student employees, graduate teaching and research assistants and associates, postdoctoral scholars who serve under the Conditions of Postdoctoral Service (UHAP Chapter 12), anyone on an H-1B visa, and employees whose gross annualized pay is less than $44,500. Employees who have any time funded by sponsored awards will participate in the Furlough Program instead.

Announcement - July 1, 2020:

The Furlough and Furlough-Based Salary Programs have been delayed until Aug. 10. For more information, please view President Robbins' June 30 email.

During this delay period, please do not schedule or take Personal Flex Time or Furlough time.

We recognize that employees have made plans that cannot be changed. In this case, please consider changing Personal Flex Time or Furlough time to vacation, sick, or compensatory time, as applicable. If for some reason, this is not possible, please contact HR-COVID19-Questions@email.arizona.edu.

Furlough-Based Salary Program Overview

Employees participating in the Furlough-Based Salary Program will have a reduction in their salary during the 2020/2021 Fiscal Year in addition to receiving a balance of paid Personal Flex Time. The balance of Personal Flex Time will be in an amount equivalent to the pay reduction (not to exceed 39 days). Determine your balance below.

As the University has looked to address its financial situation, the goal has been to prevent job loss in as responsible a way as possible and with minimized negative impact to employees. The decision to develop the Furlough-Based Salary Program was based on feedback from many University employees and shared governance groups. This program provides cost savings for the University while ensuring consistent income throughout the fiscal year for employees. It also provides flexibility for employees and supervisors in scheduling time off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the FAQs for additional information on the Furlough-Based Salary Program. Questions are updated regularly.

View FAQs

Please contact Human Resources with additional questions.

Quick Facts

What Is "Personal Flex Time?"

Personal Flex Time is paid time away from work. When you take Personal Flex Time, you are not working nor performing job duties. This includes not taking calls nor responding to emails.

The University does not expect that you "make up for lost time" when you are in the office. Employees and supervisors are expected to work together to develop plans to ensure continuity of work and productivity to the extent possible while the program is in place, including redistributing or removing certain duties as needed.

Supervisors may work with Human Resources for assistance in developing plans.

View Personal Flex Time Guidelines (PDF)

Find Community Financial Resources

The University recognizes the challenges that many of you may face as a result of this program. We have gathered some resources and information that may be of assistance during these difficult times.

On this page, find links for unemployment benefits, food and housing assistance, the employee emergency fund, and other information.

View the Resource Page

Determining Your Personal Flex Time and Pay Reduction

Please review the following information related to your gross annualized pay and position to learn the pay reduction and associated Personal Flex Time that you will receive. Employees whose annualized pay is less than $44,500 are exempt from the program.

Personal Flex Time/Pay Reduction

Your Personal Flex Time and pay reduction are determined by gross annualized pay. If you know your gross annualized pay, view the program tables now to see how you are affected.


View the charts (PDF)


Coming soon - UAccess Employee calculation tool.

Gross Annualized Pay

Pay reductions and associated Personal Flex Time are determined by gross annualized pay. Here is how to determine yours.


Gross annualized pay (PDF)

Supervisor Guidance

Supervisors and unit leaders, you play an important role in planning and managing the Furlough-Based Salary Program. Review our guidance page for ideas and information to help you in developing plans.

Visit the Supervisor COVID-19 Guidance Webpage

Scheduling and Recording Personal Flex Time


Supervisors can offer flexibility based on operational needs and the needs of employees. For assistance with developing plans, supervisors can contact their Human Resources Organizational Consultant.


To document the use of Personal Flex Time, enter the number of hours taken on your timesheet in UAccess Employee.

Time Reporting Codes

  • PFP - Personal Flex Time (Positive)
  • FPFP - FML Personal Flex Time (Positive)
  • PFE - Personal Flex Time (Exception)
  • FPFE - FML Personal Flex Time (Exception)

If you are eligible to accrue vacation and/or sick time, you will continue to accrue vacation and/or sick leave at regular accrual rates based on FTE.