Supervisor COVID-19 Guidance

Managing through furloughs, flex time, remote work, return to campus, change, resiliency, and more.

What Is This Webpage?

COVID-19 poses many challenges for managers. The Furlough and Furlough-Based Salary Programs will reduce capacity, while individual needs and work modifications may change duties and how we communicate.

To help you manage your team during this time, we offer resources categorized in three steps.

1. Re-Prioritize

What you are doing, how you are doing it, and what you can change.

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2. Re-Assess

Open dialogue, gather feedback, and understand needs.

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3. Re-Launch

Initiate your new plans optimized for the current situation.

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1. Re-Prioritize

With reduced capacity, you'll need to take a look at the level of detail and quality of projects over the next year. Ask yourself, what you are doing, how you are doing it, and what you can change.

Guide to Re-Prioritizing Goals

A worksheet to help guide your conversations and maintain a positive and productive environment.

Guide to re-prioritizing goals (PDF)

Re-Prioritized Scope of Services

A worksheet to help redefine your team's scope for FY 2021.

Re-Prioritized Scope of Services (PDF)

Project Inventory Tool

A tool to help your team members categorize and forecast individual projects.

Project Inventory Tool (PDF)

Priority Matrix Framework

The Eisenhower matrix is one way to visualize the priority of your team's tasks.

Priority Matrix (PDF)

2. Re-Assess

As you understand how team and departmental priorities can change, you will want to assess the individual situations of your team members. How can you open dialogue, gather feedback, and understand their needs?

Preparing to Talk With Team Members

Our recommendations for information to pull in advance and a mindset to prepare for.

Preparing to Talk (PDF)

Talking About Furloughs/Personal Flex Time

A framework, with conversation starters, to help you discuss plans, expectations, and developing a schedule.

Talking About Furlough and PFT (PDF)

Remote and Flexible Work Guidelines

A webpage with guidance and templates to help you have conversations with employees about determining and setting up remote work situations.

Remote and Flexible Work Guidelines

Leading From a Distance

Recordings and materials from the "Leading From a Distance" digital workshop series. Learn how to better manage during a modified work environment.

Leading From a Distance Webpage

3. Re-Launch

Take your new priorities and insight and begin to look forward with a growth mindset. How can you redistribute work based on individual strengths, desires, and availability? Can you reframe challenges as professional development opportunities?

Leveraging Strengths Worksheet

A worksheet to help you delegate responsibility based on strengths, build accountability and enhanced communications, and adopt a growth mindset.

Leveraging Strengths Worksheet (PDF)

Growth Mindset Quiz

A quiz to help you and your team assess and interpret your growth mindset.

Growth Mindset Quiz (PDF)

On-Demand Video

Videos to help you expand your personal wellness toolkit, or invest in your team's well-being.

On-Demand Video Webpage

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Review the webpage with the University's official return to campus information and support.

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