Retirement 2021

Each year, the University of Arizona honors the legacy and contribution of employees who retired over the past fiscal year.

Usually, we host a celebration dinner on campus. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the 2020 and 2021 events due to our collective efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please know that your contributions are not lost on us, and that we wish you the very best as you move into the next chapter of your life.

From all of University leadership: Thank you for exemplifying the University's core values.

2021 Quick Stats

These numbers represent faculty and staff who retired between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021




Average years of service


Retirees with 40+ years of service

Message From the President


"It is my pleasure to join in congratulating this year’s cohort of University retirees. I wish you all a 'third act' full of happiness, insatiable curiosity, and new adventures."

-Robert C. Robbins
University or Arizona President


Messages From Campus Leaders

Campus leaders join President Robbins in congratulating the 2020-21 cohort of retirees.

Betsy Cantwell | Senior Vice President, Research & Innovation

"It has been a pleasure to work with and get to know Research, Innovation & Impact employees and researchers and staff from across campus since I joined this community two years ago. Collectively, your impacts on the institution have created an ever more inclusive, forward-thinking, bold learning and working environment. And even as you achieve this richly deserved milestone marking the next phase of your life, you continue to represent the best of the University, embodying compassion, integrity and determination—particularly during the last year. Thank you for your dedication to and years of service at the University of Arizona. I wish you joy, adventure, and wonder in retirement."

Shane C. Burgess | Vice President, Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension

"On behalf of the Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension, congratulations to each of you who retired over the past year. It’s the people who make up this university that make it great – a great place to learn, to discover, and to partner with Arizona’s families to improve their lives and communities. Thank you for all you have contributed to your disciplines and in our workplace over your many years of service to our state.

"Wishing you all the best on your new adventures."

John Paul Jones

JP Jones | Don Bennett Moon Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

"Thanks and congratulations to all of our newly retired colleagues from SBS! Your work has advanced knowledge about people around the world; enhanced the reputation of your disciplines; inspired new generations of doers and thinkers; and enlivened communities here and beyond.

"We are thrilled – and maybe a bit jealous – that you now have the time to focus your brilliant energies on whatever projects bring you joy!"

Iman Hakim | Dean, Zuckerman College of Public Health

"Dear MEZCOPH Retirees: Congratulations on this next chapter in your lives! I wish you all the best as you embark on your next life adventure. All of us in the college who have benefitted from your wisdom, guidance and passionate support of our college will miss you.

"Thank you for everything you’ve done for the college, the university, the local community and our global partners. We wish you a wonderful retirement – full of rest and relaxation, fun new projects, and especially abundant time with family and friends.

"Best wishes for your health and safety."

Helena A. Rodrigues | Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

"I would like to echo President Robbins in wishing you all a vibrant “third act” in retirement. Perhaps no one described the 'third act' better than Jane Fonda, encouraging us to think of our progression through life as a staircase, 'an upward ascension of the human spirit bringing us into wisdom, wholeness, and authenticity.' Congratulations and thank you for your contributions to and influence on our University community. I wish you continued growth, happiness, and wellbeing."

Shan Sutton | Dean, University of Arizona Libraries

"Big congrats to UA Libraries’ retirees on behalf of all of your colleagues! We deeply appreciate your many contributions to the success of UA Libraries over your careers. Our organization’s positive impacts in student success, faculty teaching and research, and community engagement is made possible through the talents, expertise, and commitment of employees like you. I wish you a happy and healthy retirement that fulfills your dreams of the retired lifestyle!"

Nancy Pollock-Ellwand, Dean and Professor of Landscape Architecture

Nancy Pollock-Ellwand | Dean and Professor of Landscape Architecture, College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture

"On behalf of the faculty and staff of the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, congratulations on your retirement! We know your passion for building a changing world won’t diminish as you enter the next phase of your life, just as we know our ability to tackle the grand challenges of the built environment has been made all the better thanks to your contributions while at CAPLA. Though you’ll be missed, we wish you nothing but the best in your rewarding and, we hope, relaxing future!"

Michael D. Dake | Senior Vice President, UArizona Health Sciences

"It’s been said that our time working is always temporary, but the work we do can have a lasting impact. On behalf of the University of Arizona Health Sciences, I can say with confidence that people across Arizona, throughout the country and around the world have better health and wellness because you have spent part of your life working in support of our mission. Because of your efforts, we are able to continue educating future health care professionals and working to solve some of the most pressing health care challenges of the 21st century. I am humbled by your dedication, and grateful to you for making such a positive impact, each in your own way, on the lives of so many. I congratulate you on a job well done, and wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life."

Alain-Philippe Durand | Dorrance Dean, College of Humanities

"On behalf of the College of Humanities, thank you for the many years of dedication and service to the university, our students, our community, and the world. The humanities are where we ponder life’s biggest questions and where we find the joy that enriches all of our lives. Your contributions to this noble endeavor will have ripples that continue outward for years and even generations to come. While you enjoy your well-deserved retirement, stay curious and open and please join us at the Humanities Seminars Program, Poetry Center readings, our annual Tucson Humanities Festival, or any of the many public programs we sponsor all year long. Merci beaucoup."

Gift Information

As a retiree, you will receive a gift from the University. However, due to COVID-19, there have been delays in the distribution of gifts. As the University migrates toward in-person operations this summer and fall, we will begin that process. We ask for your patience as we prioritize 2020 retirees, who have not yet received their gifts.

We will email you at a later date about when and where to pick up your gift. We apologize for the delay.

List of 2021 Retirees

Download the full list of 2020-2021 retirees (PDF)

Name Department Name Years of Service
Frederick Acosta Student Food Service 32
Francisca Altamirano Facilities Management Custodial 34
Maria Alvarado Facilities Management Custodial 27
William Anderson James C Wyant College of Optical Sciences 25
Deborah Andrysiak Campus IT Partnerships 26
Bobbi Anglin Chemistry & Biochemistry - Sci 7
Dolores Angulo Facilities Management Operational Services 23
Julia Annas Philosophy 34
John Annibal Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services 32
Shirin Antia Disability and Psychoeducation Studies 41
Judith Apostolik COM Phoenix Campus Administration 33
Ann Baldwin Physiology 38
Gilda Ballester Lunar and Planetary Lab 21
Paula Barr Skillicorn County Office - Maricopa County 7
Alison Barrett Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies 14
Javad Basij Arizona Health Sciences Library 37
Nancy Baumhover College of Nursing 3
Bruce Bayly Mathematics 34
John Beck Physics 28
Becky Bell Administration and Athletics 36
Miriam Bennett Asthma and Airway Disease Research Center 22
Teri Bentson Office of the General Counsel 15
Beth Bernstein Psychiatry 11
Eric Betterton Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences 33
Susan Black Campus Health and Wellness 27
Phillip Blanchard School of Accountancy 23
Leslie Bosch Cancer Center Division 16
Thomas Bourgeois Campus IT Partnerships 26
William Boynton Lunar and Planetary Lab 44
Brett Brestel Student Concessions/Soda 33
Barbara Brewer College of Nursing 16
Walter Buchanan Accounts Payable 28
Stephanie Buechler Udall Center 15
Gayle Burge University Police Department 39
Todd Burgess Psychology 22
David Caballero University Police Department 19
Elizabeth Calhoun AHSC Research Support 7
Keith Carsten Research Laboratory and Safety Services 21
Heather Carter Public Health Practice and Translational Research 3
Monica Casper Social and Behavioral Sciences Administration 9
Mary Castillo Law Library 15
Rosalie Chambers Housing & Residential Life 9
Lisa Chan Department of Emergency Medicine 22
Peter Chesson Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 16
David Chisholm German Studies 48
Yi-Chang Chiu Dept of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics 15
David Christiana School of Art 30
Julian Christou Large Binocular Telescope Observatory 9
Lisa Comella Alumni & Development 9
Malcolm Compitello Spanish and Portuguese 26
Christopher Coniaris Poison Control Center 24
Dennis Corral Facilities Management Operational Services 24
Francine Correll County Office - Pima County 37
Heather Costa Entomology - Research 6
Daniel Craig COM Information Technology Services 26
Janice Crist College of Nursing 19
Enrique Cruz Facilities Management Utilities 14
Pia Cuneo School of Art 30
Douglas Cunningham College of Nursing 13
Jim Cushing Mathematics 52
Laurie D Auria Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 15
Saad Dagher UA Library Administration ADM 29
Diana Darnell Cellular and Molecular Medicine 16
Mary Davis College of Nursing 8
William Day RII Core Facilities 18
Sonia De Leon Curricular Affairs 9
Paul Delligatti Poison Control Center 23
Alison Deming English 31
Roberto Desjardin University Animal Care 11
Carol Diemer County Office - Maricopa County 7
Robert Downs Geosciences 25
Amy Dreweatt Computer Science 8
Maureen Driscoll Pathology 33
Lisa Dynes Campus Health and Wellness 24
Susanna Eden Water Resources Research Center-Res 21
Donald Ellis Facilities Management Garage 15
Heather Enos Lunar and Planetary Lab 30
Albert Espinoza Parking and Transportation 8
Deborah Evano SALT Center Learning Disabilities 32
Frank Fregoso Arizona Public Media Administrative Services 25
Jeremy Frey English 15
John Fung Senior Vice President Health Sciences 7
Eric George University Police Department 8
Tannis Gibson Fine Arts Administration 21
Robert Glennon Law Instruction 36
Frank Gohlke School of Art 14
Patricia Goldsmith College of Nursing 18
Carlos Gonzales Parking and Transportation 10
Herman Gordon Cellular and Molecular Medicine 30
Tod Gregoire Communications & Cyber Tech 29
Nancy Gwilliam College of Medicine Phx Basic Medical Sciences 14
Marianne Hadden Veterinary Medicine Administration 10
Marsha Halajian Cancer Center Division 32
Achintya Haldar Dept of Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics 33
Jovanka Hall Cancer Center Division 11
Brian Harris Fine Arts Administration 6
Stephen Harsy Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services 6
Richard Healey Philosophy 30
Richard Heerschap Accounts Payable 43
Kathy Heyl UAHS Clinical and Interprofessional Skills 15
Thomas Hicks School of Information 13
Htay Hla Public Health Administration 40
Kelly Hooker Administration and Athletics 19
Jennifer Horner Office of Strategic Initiatives 11
Renee Horton Journalism 10
Carol Howe Arizona Health Sciences Library 16
Elodia Huerta Residential Facilities 14
George Humphrey UAHS Communications 34
Barbara Hutchinson School of Natural Resources and The Environment - Research 37
Lora Inclan Cancer Center Division 31
Mary Irwin Educational Policy Studies and Practice 20
Wayne Jacobsen Anesthesiology 17
Arthur Jacobson Campus IT Partnerships 30
Christopher Johnson College of Applied Science and Technology 40
Philip Johnson Disability and Psychoeducation Studies 9
Roy Johnson Geosciences 34
Michelle Kahn-John College of Nursing 7
Ingvi Kallen School of Music 17
Karen Kenagy Steward Observatory 35
Susan Kimball Eller Administration 9
Janet Kisinger Tech Transfer Arizona 15
Valerie Knight COM Phoenix Campus Administration 3
Susan Knight Journalism 24
Steven Knoper Medicine 37
John Koprowski School of Natural Resources and The Environment - Research 21
Ginger Kouns Science Administration 28
Stephen Kozachik Administration and Athletics 33
Teresa Kudrna Interdisciplinary Graduate Program Administration 19
David Kudrna School of Plant Science - Research 19
Melissa Kushner Family and Community Medicine 5
James Kushner Museum of Art 8
Darlene Lacroix College of Nursing 10
Robert Lantz Cellular and Molecular Medicine 34
Rocky Larson Residential Facilities 13
John LaWall Neurology 16
Marie-Pierre Le Hir French and Italian 21
Elizabeth Leko UAHS Clinical and Interprofessional Skills 45
Gerald Lemole Neurosurgery 12
Colleen Leslie-Booth Graduate College Administration 23
Julie Leuthard COM Phoenix Campus Administration 8
James Li Administration and Athletics 19
Louanne Lindflott Surgery 34
Joseph Lindley Physiology 22
Michael Lindsey English as a Second Language 13
Robert Lipsy Pharmacy Administration 9
Zhonglin Liu Medical Imaging 21
Lois Loescher College of Nursing 41
Barbara Lopez Law Instruction 16
Sharon Lovelace COM Academic Affairs 11
Melissa Lowe School of Dance 30
Robert Lucero Facilities Management Custodial 28
Linda Lumsden Journalism 15
Yves Lussier AHSC Research Support 8
John Maloney Philosophy 33
Robert Mannan School of Natural Resources & the Environment - Instruction 39
Sallie Marston School of Geography, Development & Environment 35
Daniel Maus University Police Department 25
Alice Mcarthur Sarver Heart Center 30
David McCreary Administration and Athletics 6
Charles McDevitt Jr Facilities Management Maintenance Services 9
Marylyn McEwen College of Nursing 40
Kristine McGinnis Office of Instruction and Assessment 6
Jamie Mckay Pharmacy Administration 24
James Mcloone COM Phx Psychiatry 4
Don Mcloy Facilities Management Maintenance Services 26
Chin Meng Wong Accounts Payable 13
Scottie Misner Nutritional Sciences-Ext 29
Madelyn Mock Agriculture Administration 51
Gerald Monsman English 35
Vince Moreno Steward Observatory 44
Margaret Mullins College of Medicine Phx Emergency Medicine Research Center 12
Frank Musiek Speech Language and Hearing Sciences 7
Maria-Lourdes Myers Interdisciplinary Graduate Program Administration 24
Kyoko Nakajima Cellular and Molecular Medicine 14
Judith Nantell Spanish and Portuguese 34
Aracely Navarro Facilities Management Custodial 26
Everett Neighbor Infrastructure and Foundational Technologies 11
Mary Ann Nelson COM Information Technology Services 35
Edward Nezelek Student Union-Operations 5
Elaine Niggemann COM Phoenix Academic Affairs 9
Dragana Nikolich-Zugich Immunobiology 13
Ella Nikulina College of Medicine Phx Basic Medical Sciences 15
Brenda Noble Animal & Comparative Sciences-Res 30
Nancy Odegaard Arizona State Museum 38
Patricia Ofiesh Systems and Industrial Engineering 34
Kirk Olaughlin Steward Observatory 38
Tammy Orr CALS International Programs 11
Maureen Oskandy Campus Health and Wellness 19
Arjetta Pace College of Nursing 11
Janet Paffenroth Bursar 30
Luz Palomarez James C Wyant College of Optical Sciences 35
Ronald Pearson V-Bar-V Ranch 6
Martin Pelger Pharmacy Administration 14
Paulina Pereyda Student Food Service 22
Stephanie Perez CatCard 23
Deborah Petrich Social and Behavioral Sciences Administration 23
Ara Philipossian Chemical and Environmental Engineering 20
Victor Piscitello Marketing 18
Juan Portillo Public Health Administration 24
Linda Powers Electrical and Computer Engineering 14
Denise Premeaux Cancer Center Division 20
John Pursch Lunar and Planetary Lab 20
Helen Quihuis Access and Information Services 40
Jimmy Quihuis Facilities Management Maintenance Services 21
Srini Raghavan Materials Science and Engineering 43
Sonia Ramirez County Office - Santa Cruz County 18
Amelia Ramirez Facilities Management Custodial 33
Manuel Ramirez Student Food Service 20
Gary Redford Engineering Administration 5
Kevin Reilly Department of Emergency Medicine 20
Paul Reimer School of Architecture 10
Ruth Reiniche English 7
Woodford Remencus Facilities Management Operational Services 17
Diane Rensvold Cancer Center Division 25
Sandra Riggins Arizona Public Media Administrative Services 8
Trinidat Riojas Chemical and Environmental Engineering 22
Lorraine Rochon Parking and Transportation 11
Suzanne Rodriguez Bursar 22
Norma Rodriguez County Office - Maricopa County 23
Rosalinda Rodriguez Housing & Residential Life 31
Roberto Rodriguez Mexican American Studies 14
Julia Rosen Risk Management and Safety 28
Kay Ross Finance 18
William Roth Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies 13
Nancy Rowe Arizona Telemedicine Program 7
Raymond Runyan Cellular and Molecular Medicine 29
Kenneth Ryan Facilities Management Maintenance Services 20
Steven Saavedra Chemistry & Biochemistry - Sci 30
Elizabeth Saavedra Residential Facilities 12
Richard Salazar Dean of Students Office 15
Estella Salgado Pharmacy Practice and Science 16
Mark Sammons Economics 12
Ann Samuelson School of Anthropology 22
Sherry Santee Disability Resource Center 31
Philip Schaller Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory 29
Thomas Schmidt Facilities Management Utilities 14
William Schmidt Journalism 7
Maria Schuchardt Lunar and Planetary Lab 30
Christopher Scott Udall Center 15
Charles Seedorff Geosciences 19
Nancy Sharkey Journalism 11
Patricia Sias Communication 10
Margaret Sifford Campus Health and Wellness 17
Marcia Simon English 30
Debra Slaughter Senior Vice President Health Sciences 8
Laurie Soloff UAHS Equity, Diversity & Incl 20
Karen Spear-Ellinwood Curricular Affairs 12
Mary Stevens Family and Community Medicine 23
Sally Stevens Southwest Institute for Research on Women 25
Gregg Stowe Department of Emergency Medicine 9
Kerrie Stramler Access and Information Services 30
Francisco Suarez Sola Large Binocular Telescope Observatory 7
John Swain Law Instruction 20
Jean Swedenburg Access and Information Services 48
Timothy Swindle Arizona Space Institute 35
Ellen Syswerda Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services 10
Marie Tavormina Disability Resource Center 20
Angela Telesco Museum of Art 32
Marco Tellez Yuma Agricultural Center 31
Ana Luisa Terrazas Education - Dean's Office 24
Glenda Thompson Agriculture Extension Administration 27
Eugene Timmons Infrastructure and Foundational Technologies 26
Lee Tinnin Steward Observatory 32
Karen Tortorella-Notari Arizona Student Media 42
Sheila Tostado University Information Technology Services Administration 34
Gopalan Unnithan Entomology - Research 31
Alberto Urbieta Distance Education 11
Terence Valenzuela Department of Emergency Medicine 36
Martin Van Londen Facilities Management Maintenance Services 15
Hector Villarreal Yuma Agricultural Center 27
Arthur Vokes Arizona State Museum 39
Mary Voyatzis School of Anthropology 35
Marianne Weeks Campus Health and Wellness 28
Charles Weidman Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences 46
Thomas West Residential Facilities 25
Victoria Westover School of Theatre Film and Television 17
Augustine Westrope Facilities Management Custodial 15
Kathryn Whisman Office of Budget and Planning 20
Julie Wingate Administrative Technologies 14
Rex Woods School of Music 33
James Wooten Facilities Management Maintenance Services 13
Austin Yamada Defense & Security Research Institute 6
Vladimir Zakharov Mathematics 29