COVID-19 Guidance:
Remote/Flexible Work Guidelines


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Remote/Flexible Work Considerations

Reporting Time

Guides and Templates

If you have not already done so, please obtain your department's or unit’s emergency Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and emergency communication process. If you are familiar with working remotely, please proceed with your normal processes.

Determining remote work guide

If employees, including non-benefits-eligible employees and student workers, feel they are unable to come to work or do their work remotely, it is necessary to have further conversations in an effort to determine work alternatives, such as project work, collaborative work with colleagues, or flexible schedules.

This conversation guide can assist supervisors and employees consider options for remote work when remote work is not easily identified.

Download Determining Remote Work Guide (PDF)

Remote work agreement template

To ensure clear understanding and expectations for remote work, the supervisor and employee should document remote work discussions in writing. You are not required to create official agreements, but this template suggestion may be helpful to guide conversations and planning so you and your staff share the same understanding.


Download remote work agreement template (PDF)

Overview of Remote Work Considerations

Please review Information Technology’s COVID-19 web page for support working remotely.

Consider job duties/responsibilities and equipment needs:

  • Job responsibilities to be performed remotely

  • Equipment needed. Consider computer; internet access; essential software (e.g., VPN, Instant Messaging, Outlook); phone forwarding

  • Use of personal equipment vs. University equipment. If the former, ensure essential software is installed and functioning. If the latter, document University equipment (with ID tag numbers) to be taken home

  • Required information security procedures, including no storage of information on home devices

  • Applications to be used for storing and sharing information with coworkers (e.g., specified Box folders)

  • Expenses eligible for reimbursement, if any

Consider expectations and procedures:

  • Work hours and procedures for documenting productivity

  • Expectations for remaining in contact with coworkers during work hours (e.g., instant messaging apps)

  • Responsibility and process for setting up remote meetings








How to Report Time

Guidance for reporting time to enable all employees to work remotely, self-isolate, or remain home due to illness or school, daycare and eldercare closures.

Employees & Student Workers

Information for employees, student workers, and graduate assistants/associates (full-time, part-time, benefits-eligible, and non-benefits-eligible).

Report time - Employees

Emergency Paid Sick Leave/Expanded Family Medical Leave

Congressed passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) (PDF). Learn how to request and report these specific types of leave.

Report time - FFCRA