Employee Voluntary FTE (Full Time Equivalent) FAQs

Employees who would like to request a voluntary reduction in FTE should reach out to their immediate supervisor. Supervisors will then coordinate with departmental leadership and the assigned HR Organizational Consultant to assess operational implications and review applicable policies and compliance requirements.  If it is determined that a voluntary reduction in FTE is appropriate and approved, the request and authorization will need to be documented in writing. The voluntary reduction in FTE is subject to change and may be temporary or approved for a trial period based on operational needs and departmental resources.

Requests to return to original FTE will follow the same steps outlined in the voluntary reduction and be subject to an assessment of operational needs and departmental resources.

No. An FTE reduction allows an employee to work fewer hours. As a result of working fewer hours, the employee’s gross pay is reduced by the amount of the FTE reduction.

No. An FTE reduction is not reportable leave, but is an earnings change and will be recorded as a change in FTE in employee records.

•    Employees who reduce their hours below a .50 FTE may lose benefits-eligibility, or depending on the number of hours worked prior to the FTE reduction, could continue to be eligible for only medical, dental or vision coverage.   To determine if you will be eligible for any benefits, please contact HR Solutions at 621-3660 or hrsolutions@email.arizona.edu

•    If an employee’s FTE remains at a .50 or higher, retirement contributions will continue, but  will be reduced due to the change in gross pay.  If an employee’s FTE is reduced below a .50 FTE, retirement contributions will only continue until the end of the fiscal year.