COVID-19 Return to Workspaces:
University Supervisors

The University is preparing for the re-introduction of in-person activities on our campuses.

As a supervisor, you will need to administer and oversee required practices and protocols. In preparation, please review the information on this page. We encourage you to Contact Human Resources for assistance.

In addition, please review the University's central Return to Workspaces page.

Mask Art

Administrative Directive on the Use of Face Coverings

The University has issued a university-wide Administrative Directive requiring the use of face coverings to promote campus health and safety.

For more guidance and expectations, visit the following.

Expectations & Compliance    Face Coverings Guidance   Administrative Directive


Preparing For Return to Campus

The University is encouraging employees and supervisors to have individual discussions about the need and ability to return to workspaces. Employees should be fully informed about, and engaged in, that process. Please advise your employees to consider the following.

Self assessment

In preparation for return to workspaces, we encourage employees to:

  • Evaluate personal risk
    Begin to think about you and your family's risk tolerance and the impact in the event you were to contract coronavirus.
  • Review CDC guidelines
    Carefully review the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control. In addition, review specific information about the disproportionate burden of illness and death among racial and ethnic minority groups.

  • Consult your PCP as needed
    If you have questions about your own risk factors after reviewing the information provided by the CDC, we strongly encourage you to consult with your Primary Care Physician or a medical specialist (as appropriate).

If your employee does not wish to discuss temporary workplace modifications, they should continue to work with you as their manager/supervisor on a return-to-workspaces plan.

If employees wish to discuss temporary modifications

We strongly encourage employees to have a discussion with you as their manager/supervisor about possible temporary modified work conditions and/or expectations as soon as possible.

  • If, after discussing temporary modifications, they have concerns based on their own disability or medical condition
    They may connect with the DRC for options. The DRC may ask for medical documentation to assess reasonable accommodation. Medical information will be kept confidential. Contact the DRC at or 520-621-3268.
  • If, after discussing temporary modifications, they have concerns based on other risk-factors or related issues (e.g., age-related or caregiver concerns)
    You or they may connect with Human Resources for support in working together. Contact Human Resources at or 520-621-3660.

Onsite Workplace Protocols and Compliance

Positive Case Notification Protocols

Review the process for when an employee reports that they have tested positive for COVID-19, are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or have had contact with someone with COVID-19.

Positive Case Protocol

Face Coverings Engagement and Compliance

Supervisors and employees should be familiar with the Administrative Directive on face coverings. You should be prepared to help employees who have questions, and to address noncompliance.

Expectations and Compliance

Return to Workplace Decision Tree

Use this Decision Tree visual and guidelines to inform your decision-making related to employees physically returning to the workplace.

Decision Tree (PDF)

Supervisor Guidance

Re-Prioritize, Re-Assess, Re-Launch

Guidance for managing through furloughs, flex time, remote work, return to campus, change, resiliency, and more. Categorized in three steps: Re-Prioritize, Re-Assess, and Re-Launch.

View Three-Steps Guidance

On-Demand Webinar Recordings

On-Demand Webinar Recordings

Recorded, virtual workshops, hosted by Human Resources, to support supervisors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Connect, learn, and share experiences.

View The Recordings


Frequently Asked Questions

Answering common questions from employees about returning to workspaces.

You should proceed with the temporary modified work conditions you have agreed upon with your manager/supervisor until further notice. We anticipate reviewing the need for temporary modified work conditions on an ongoing basis and will communicate to the campus community regularly as conditions change. 

No. We are phasing in the return of employees to campus. Your manager/supervisor will communicate with you directly about the return-to-campus date for your role, as appropriate.

If you live with someone who is at higher risk, then we encourage you to discuss your concerns with your manager/supervisor. We encourage all managers/supervisors to do their best to address such concerns by offering flexibility where possible. If you need further support please contact HR directly at

We also suggest that you become familiar with guidance on how best to decontaminate yourself before re-entering your home after any outing. Some helpful examples include:

We are working closely with managers/supervisors at all levels to ensure that no employee will experience retaliation on the basis of requesting or being assigned temporary modified work conditions.

If you believe that you are experiencing retaliation, please contact:

No. If you have already started this process and found agreement with your manager/supervisor, no further action is needed. Please continue to monitor the CDC web pages for updates and revisit this webpage if your circumstances change.

Yes, all employees, including student workers and Graduate Students, can request temporary modified work conditions. Please follow the instructions described on this web page. Retaliation is not permitted against student employees who request, or are assigned, temporary modified work conditions.