Supervisor Voluntary FTE (Full Time Equivalent) FAQs

  1. Talk with the employee to understand their request
    1. How many hours per week are they asking to work?
    2. Is there a specific schedule being requested (specific hours, evenings or weekends)?
    3. What is the reason for their request to reduce FTE?
    4. Is this a temporary or long term request?
  2. Document your conversation and contact  your HR Consultant
    1. Your HR Consultant will assist with review of applicable policies and regulatory compliance requirements (ADA, FMLA, etc).

After review with your HR Consultant, an email to the employee will be sufficient. The email should include information that the approval is subject to change based on operational needs. 

Yes, but please speak with your HR Consultant to review the details of the request prior to communicating the denial to the employee.

Yes, approvals for reductions in FTE may be approved for a defined/trial period of time.  Please also review short period FTE reductions with your HR Consultant. 

The employee can request a FTE increase; however, you will need to determine if there is an operational need to increase the FTE and obtain necessary approvals from department leadership.

You may require the employee return to previous FTE level with appropriate department approval.  If approved, it is preferable to provide some advance notice to the employee so they can make any necessary arrangements to return (transportation, childcare, etc.). Document the agreement with the employee in an email. Don’t hesitate to contact your HR Consultant for further guidance.