University Employee Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

Vaccination Information and Requirements

Currently eligible at state sites, including the University of Arizona POD: Beginning Wednesday, March 24, at 8 a.m., anyone 16 years of age and older can register for a vaccination.

Currently eligible at county sites: Please connect with your local county health department to confirm. Visit the Arizona Department of Health Services website for current information.

The distribution plan, registrations, and appointments are being managed by individual counties, the state, and distribution sites. For registration links and the most current guidance, please refer to President Robbins's emails. You can view all past emails on Campus Health's COVID-19 webpage.

Note: You do not need to use a University email or phone number to pre-register. Please enter the contact information that works best for you.

We are aware the employees have experienced problems with the registration process. Please see President Robbins’s February 4 email update and instructions in regard to this issue.

If you are having problems scheduling a vaccination appointment, please contact the CAT Hotline at 520-848-4045 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily. You can also contact the CAT email team at

You may find these recent resources from University experts helpful:

  • The recorded How COVID-19 Vaccines Work webinar, hosted by the Office of the Provost on Jan. 28. Presenters were Deepta Bhattacharya, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Immunobiology, and Karl Krupp, Ph.D., Research Associate, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health.
  • The More Answers to Your Questions About COVID-19 Vaccinations article, published by University Communications on Feb. 16. Features Deepta Bhattacharya answering questions you may have.

We recommend you speak with your physician about specific vaccination risks and benefits. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also lists frequently asked questions about vaccination at

Return to the Worksite

No, although complete vaccination is encouraged as a matter of public health.

Whether or not you receive a full vaccination, University leadership is continuing to encourage remote work to the extent possible through at least the end of the spring semester. As expressed by President Robbins, your vaccination status should not affect your work location or existing remote work agreements.

Review the University’s current Remote/Flexible Work Guidelines webpage.

No. Neither the University, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nor any federal, state, or local public health authority has mandated that any group of employees receive the COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of remaining in or returning to the workplace.  

The University is not requiring that employees be vaccinated. However, consistent with our values of Integrity and Compassion, the University strongly encourages you to get vaccinated. If you need schedule flexibility to obtain a vaccination, please work with your supervisor. Please see the “Use of Work Time or Leaves” section for more information.

Once you have completed the full vaccine course (two doses if required), you may request an exemption from mandatory testing. Please visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Document Upload webpage for guidelines and to begin the process of requesting exemption.

No. Vaccination status is personal health information.

Remember, in accordance with CDC guidance, current workplace safety practices are not affected by employee vaccinations. The University continues to expect remote work if feasible. If you are working on-site, the requirements to wear a mask, maintain physical distance, practice hand hygiene, and quarantine if exposed remain in effect. If you have safety concerns, please discuss them with your supervisor.

Yes. The University will continue to follow CDC guidelines and enforce the University face covering mandate.

Current University protocols require that if you are exposed to COVID-19, you must quarantine for the recommended duration.

However, the most recent CDC guidelines outline specific criteria for vaccinated employees that would remove the requirement to quarantine.

You are not required to quarantine only if all of the following are true:

  • More than two weeks have passed following receipt of your last dose in the COVID-19 vaccine series.
  • Less than three months have passed following receipt of your last dose in the COVID-19 vaccine series.
  • You have remained asymptomatic since the exposure.

If you work on-site and have reason to believe you have been exposed, please report and discuss quarantine protocol and next steps with your supervisor.

Use of Work Time or Leaves

As much as possible, the University would like to prevent work schedules from acting as a barrier to employees seeking vaccination. If you are scheduled to receive a vaccination during hours you are scheduled to work, notify your supervisor promptly to arrange for an accommodation or scheduling flexibility.

If you do not feel well and are unable to work after receiving a vaccine dose, you may use Emergency Sick Leave (if available) or your accrued sick leave to receive pay during the absence. Please coordinate with your supervisor as you would normally when feeling ill.