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Phone Numbers:

Division of Human Resources: 520-621-3660
Human Resources at University of Arizona Health Sciences: 520-626-5593
Human Resources at College of Medicine Phoenix: 602-827-2600
Employee Records: 520-621-5970
Life & Work Connections: 520-621-2493
Office of Institutional Equity: 520-621-9449
Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs & Human Resources: 520-621-1684
Workforce Systems: 520-621-3664

Fax Numbers:

HR Solutions: 520-621-9098
HR Leaves and Retirement: 520-621-2700
HR Recruitment and Outreach: 520-626-3089
HR Research & Analysis: 520-621-9098
Employee Records: 520-626-4744
Office of Leadership & Organizational Development: 520-626-3089
Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs & Human Resources: 520-626-4700
Workforce Systems: 520-621-5341

Main Email:

Office of the Vice President

Name Email Phone
Lisa Barrow
Executive Associate 520-621-1684
Thomas McDonald
Director, Strategic Initiatives 520-621-0890
Helena Rodrigues
Associate Vice President for Human Resources 520-621-1684
Mary Beth Tucker
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources 520-621-9438
Allison Vaillancourt
Vice President, Business Affairs & Human Resources 520-621-1684

Business Office

Name Email Phone
Ali Hupp
Manager, Finance & Administration 520-626-2999
Karrie Hurley
Administrative Assistant 520-626-0841
Amelia Rosenberg
Administrative Assistant 520-621-9224


Name Email Phone
Eric Kay
Human Resources Organizational Consultant 520-626-9207
Josie Kelly
Human Resources Organizational Consultant 520-621-2376
Veronica Leon
Assistant Director, HR Consulting Services 520-626-0690
Michelle Wiltshire
Human Resources Organizational Consultant 520-626-6881

Communications & Marketing

Name Email Phone
Clara Cobb
Lead, Communications & Marketing 520-621-2643
Chrys Kapuranis
Graphic Designer 520-626-9255
Amy Williams
Communications & Marketing Specialist 520-621-3275


Name Email Phone
Dylan Lane
Data Analyst 520-621-2680
Mary Mertes
Compensation Consultant 520-621-2749
Emily Musal
Compensation Consultant 520-621-2669
Jan Myers
Director, Compensation 520-626-2834

HR@UA Health Sciences - Phoenix

Name Email Phone
Tracie Kraemer
HR Coordinator 602-827-2028
Chanté Martin
Director, HR University of Arizona Health Sciences - Phoenix 602-827-2744
Megan Moser
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 602-827-4989
Andrew Pickering
Project Coordinator 602-827-2345
Angelica Pope
HR Representative 602-827-2656
Nathalie Strength
Project Coordinator 602-827-2655
Jessica Tualla
Associate Human Resources Director, HR COM-Phoenix 602-827-2033
Michelle Wilson
Benefits Coordinator 602-827-2624

HR@UA Health Sciences - Tucson

Name Email Phone
Ronald Cox
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 520-626-2600
Andres Gabaldon
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 520-626-4650
Gina Harms
Human Resources Organizational Consultant 520-626-0224
Pamela Jones
Senior Advisor, Human Resources 520-626-6765
Kevin Mack
Human Resources Organizational Consultant 520-626-2234
Mary Beth Tucker
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources 520-621-9438
Kelli Wheeler
Administrative Associate 520-626-5593

Information Technology

Name Email Phone
John Moore
Website Designer/Developer, Senior 520-626-7192
Karl Timmermann
Manager, Web & Information Technology 520-626-2899

Life & Work Connections

Name Email Phone
Jodi Charvoz
Senior Coordinator, Employee Wellness & Health Promotion 520-626-4760
Josephine Corder
Program Coordinator, Senior 520-621-5031
Robert Cunningham
Employee Assistance Counselor 520-621-3788
Cindy Davis
Employee Wellness & Health Promotion Nutrition and Fitness Coach 520-621-4601
Christina Fisch
Administrative Assistant 520-621-2493
Caryn Jung
Senior Coordinator, Dependent Care and Work/Life Integration 520-621-9870
Chad Myler
Senior Coordinator, Employee Wellness and Health Promotion 520-621-2493
Susan Pickering
Counselor, Employee Assistance 520-621-2493
Lourdes Rodriguez
Coordinator, Childcare and Family Resources 520-621-1530
David Swihart
Senior Coordinator, Employee Assistance 520-621-2493

Office of Institutional Equity

Name Email Phone
Adele Jenkins
Program Coordinator, Senior 520-621-9449
Jared Jorde
Investigator 520-626-0427
Kris Klotz
Director & Equity Officer 520-621-9181
Millay Mcandrew
Senior Consultant, Compliance 520-621-7806
Rudy Padilla
Investigator 520-621-2894
Marina Angie Simon
Administrative Assistant 520-621-3818

Office of Leadership & Organizational Development

Name Email Phone
Diane Brennan
Director, Leadership and Organizational Development 520-621-1388
Julie Forster
Manager, Leadership and Organizational Development 520-621-4244
Mari Grogan
Administrative Assistant 520-621-9561
Deborrah Himsel
Senior Leadership Advisor 520-621-2629
David Magoon
Organizational Consultant, Senior 520-626-0850
Mark Trommer
Organizational Consultant, Senior 520-621-8594


Name Email Phone
Renee Aragon-Verdugo
Human Resources Generalist 520-626-2986
Wendy Brewer
Human Resources Specialist 520-621-3660
Souky Coneway
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 520-626-1854
Cathy Grogan
Manager, HR Solutions 520-626-4812
Larissa Kaliszewski
Human Resources Specialist 520-626-0158
Elwood Knipe
Human Resources Specialist 520-626-4805
Mike Krebbs
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 520-621-3668
Kathryn Marquardt
Human Resources Specialist 520-621-2693
Diane Nelson
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 520-626-1750

Recruitment & Outreach

Name Email Phone
Dora Eamon
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 520-621-4292
Lisa Gundy
Director, HR Recruitment & Outreach 520-621-7705
Wendy Moore
Administrative Associate 520-621-2737
Endeliza Ramos
Lead, HR Recruitment & Outreach 520-626-7657
Audelia Shay
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 520-621-2720
Sam Toiber
Business Analyst 520-626-2993
Jacquelina Valenzuela
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 520-621-9329

Research & Analysis

Name Email Phone
Kirsteen Anderson
Human Resources Analyst 520-621-0466
Diana Butler
Applications Systems Analyst/Developer, Senior 520-621-5102
Miguel Calvo
Business Analyst, Senior 520-621-3663
Alicia Dillman
Senior Analyst, Benefits Systems/Adminstration 520-626-5654
Christopher Dominiak
Manager, Benefits Systems/Administration 520-626-1708
Adele Lea
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 520-626-3899
Wendy Moore
Administrative Associate 520-621-2737
Maria Murrieta
Program Coordinator (Employee Records) 520-621-5970
Craig Wagner
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 520-626-7214
Staci Wilson
Director, Research & Analysis and Benefits Administration 520-621-1857

Workforce Systems

Name Email Phone
Antonio Banuelos Figueroa
Human Resources Specialist, Senior 520-621-1637
PRis Cantu
Director 520-621-7722
Tamara Castillon
Principal Enterprise Business Analyst 520-621-7360
Zachary Fry
Business Analyst 520-621-0141
Lorraine Gamez
Business Analyst, Senior 520-621-3666
Shannon Hartsuck
Senior Consultant, Workforce Systems 520-621-7737
Rollis Hyman
Business Analyst, Senior 520-626-8224
Jasmine Meyer
Human Resources Specialist 520-621-5998
Abbie Montenegro
Manager, Workforce Systems 520-626-7455
Mariel Moquete
Business Analyst, Senior 520-621-7675
Doreen Thomas
Human Resources Specialist, Senior (Background Check Coordinator) 520-626-0715
Angelica Toledo
Business Analyst, Senior 520-621-7712
Seth Van Norman
Human Resources Specialist 520-626-9286