Compensation Philosophy

The University of Arizona is a top-25 research university committed to student engagement and access, research that improves the human condition, and partnerships that make our communities stronger. We know that delivering on our mission and achieving our aspirations requires that we be viewed as a compelling place for talented people to build a career. A key strategy in attracting, retaining, and engaging remarkable people is an innovative career and compensation architecture that provides market-based compensation, clear career pathways, and career progression opportunities.Our compensation philosophy is built on the following principles:

We will offer a market competitive compensation program that allows us to attract, retain and reward top performers at a national market level from both higher education and general industry, as applicable, to foster a diverse and innovative workforce. We will stay informed by current market best practices when designing and refining our compensation programs and policies, pursuing a strategy that will position the University to effectively grow internal talent and bring in external talent to ensure diversity of perspective.

Our compensation program will be optimized based on available funds, fiscal responsibility and regulatory requirements.

Our compensation program will be benchmarked against the markets within which the University competes for talent. It will recognize the University’s strong brand in local markets and aid in our ability to attract high performing talent nationally and internationally. We will adapt depending on the role, level, talent needs, and supply. 

The University will foster career advancement opportunities to enable growth and development of our workforce by defining and communicating career pathways and the necessary skills, behaviors and experiences required for progression. We will develop and maintain a career framework to ensure supporting structures and processes are transparent and allow for equitable and efficient decision making. With communication being a priority, we will make information readily accessible so that employees are aware of how they will be affected by our career and compensation programs, policies and structures, particularly during times of change.

Our compensation structure will strive to promote consistency across the University,while providing the flexibility needed to meet the specific requirements of different areas across the institution. To appropriately steward our compensation programs, we will follow UA’s model of shared governance and engage stakeholder groups to ensure that the University’s collective and diverse needs and interests are represented.

FLSA and Overtime

The University of Arizona complies with the DOL's Fair labor Standards act for administering overtime and determining exemption status of university staff positions. For more information please see the follow Link for the University's FLSA and Overtime Policy.

Timekeeping  Resources

Accurate Timekeeping: Employee's Guide