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Appointed Professionals Job Description

This position description was prepared based on feedback from incumbents and supervisors, or from Career Track postings. Human Resources will continue to enhance and refine descriptions as more information becomes available.

UA Title Code: T13848
UA Job Title: Telescope Computer Specialist, Principal
Job Group: Information Technology Professionals
Job Category: IT Professional
Pay Grade:
FLSA: Exempt

Purpose of Classification:

Develops software for telescope control applications, data acquisition, and Linux system administration.

Example of Duties:

  • Develops platform and pod handling for the two Multiple Mirror Telescope secondary support system hexapods, which share common control hardware and software
  • Tracks and assesses hexapod performance using open loop models as input data
  • Prepares documentation on software changes
  • Develops computer programs for data acquisition and real-time control of the telescope and observing instruments, either stand-alone or networked to other observatory computers
  • Develops, implements, and enhances programs for data reduction, image processing, and telescope performance analysis, utilizing math-intensive algorithms
  • Acts as Linux system administrator

Minimum Qualifications:

Master's degree with more than 8 years of directly comparable experience

Revised: 12/23/2014