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Appointed Professionals Job Description

This position description was prepared based on feedback from incumbents and supervisors, or from Career Track postings. Human Resources will continue to enhance and refine descriptions as more information becomes available.

UA Title Code: T14164
UA Job Title: Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
Job Group: Fiscal Affairs
Job Category: Business Operations Professional
Pay Grade:
FLSA: Exempt

Purpose of Classification:

As lead college financial officer, provides direction and oversight for the financial, administrative and operational functions within the College. Supports the Dean with strategic and business planning, and provides financial and administrative oversight to departments within the College.

Example of Duties:

  • Develops short- and long-term financial goals and objectives and determines implementation plans
  • Participates as a member of the College's senior leadership team and advises the Dean and senior administrators on financial and administrative issues
  • Participates in strategic and operational planning for the College
  • Models and forecasts prospective revenues and expenditures under different assumptions and scenarios
  • Advises the Dean and College leadership on Responsibility Centered Management, UA's incentive-based budget system
  • Develops implementation plans and procedures for operational changes
  • Investigates and resolves issues
  • Partners in the development of new revenue sources
  • Creates, implements and maintains accurate and flexible local and cost center financial reporting systems relevant to the needs of the College
  • Monitors the expenditure of funds and ensures adherence to policies and procedures of the College, University, federal government and State of Arizona
  • Provides financial oversight on accounts and account activity
  • Coordinates internal and external audits
  • Directs the collection of data and the preparation of financial reports and analyses
  • Tracks and maintains commitments
  • Ensures timely development and preparation of a comprehensive annual College budget, taking into account revenues from a diverse set of sources
  • Monitors and adjusts annual budget as necessary during the course of the fiscal year
  • Analyzes budget needs and requests and prepares budget allocations and reports for departments and programs
  • Develops, implements and maintains written policies, procedures, and controls
  • Communicates financial information and business policies and procedures to faculty, administrators, staff, alumni and students
  • Collaborates with colleges and central administration
  • Manages or oversees departmental business staff
  • Reviews and approves grant proposals
  • Leads the college research administration team and facilitates the administration of sponsored research from pre-proposal through award
  • Participates in training, professional development and mentorship inside and outside of the College
  • Serves on College and University committees
  • Provides management and oversight for the human resources function of the College
  • Oversees building and facilities management
  • Oversees the information technology function
  • Leads, supervises and mentors staff to achieve performance expectations and to remain open to change and innovation
  • Promotes ethical behavior in all business-related activities and ensures compliance with regulations
  • Supports the mission of the College and fosters positive working relationships with faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of the College through strong professional judgment, customer service, confidence and competence, and character

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, business administration, public administration or a directly related field, with at least 8 years of directly comparable experience; AND demonstrated success in positions having increasing responsibility for finan

Revised: 10/29/2014