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Appointed Professionals Job Description

This position description was prepared based on feedback from incumbents and supervisors, or from Career Track postings. Human Resources will continue to enhance and refine descriptions as more information becomes available.

UA Title Code: T21576
UA Job Title: Adult Educator, Doctoring Program
Job Group: Academic Affairs
Job Category: Academic Services Professional
Pay Grade:
FLSA: Exempt

Purpose of Classification:

Trains, manages, and evaluates standardized patients (SPs) and the activities in which they participate for the purpose of educating and assessing the clinical skills of undergraduate medical students. Assists students in need of additional instruction, specifically in the area of communication skills.

Example of Duties:

  • Determines and analyzes training needs for the SP program
  • Trains SPs for encounters with medical students
  • Coordinates role plays of medical encounters, including history taking and noninvasive physical exams
  • Quizzes SPs to test accurate recall of case details and use of acting techniques to improve authenticity of portrayals
  • Develops training activities to improve SP performance
  • Conducts coaching and training sessions with SPs and faculty to develop their skills for providing students with verbal or written feedback following SP encounters
  • Performs needs assessments for students who require extra help with medical interviewing skills, and develops and implements one-on-one sessions with students to improve their communication skills through feedback, counseling, and role-playing
  • Edits written feedback that SPs provide to students following encounters
  • Observes live encounters from monitoring room during weekly activities to collect information for SP evaluations
  • Contributes to continuous quality improvement in SP performance through video and checklist review
  • Serves as a backup SP as needed

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree with 5 to 8 years of directly comparable experience

Revised: 07/15/2014