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The Total Compensation Calculator provides a comprehensive view of everything included in your compensation – salary, benefits and retirement contributions, qualified tuition reduction and other employment-related programs. The University also offers many employee-paid voluntary benefits, such as vision insurance, supplemental life insurance, short term disability and supplemental retirement plans.

In addition, UA Life & Work Connections (LWC) designs and delivers value-added 'whole person health' services: fitness, nutrition, mental and emotional health, dependent care services, educational seminars and comprehensive web-based resources. By promoting healthy lifestyles and work/life balance, employees are able to achieve their maximum potential at work and be fully engaged in their personal lives. To learn more, click here.

For your personalized estimate of total compensation, including salary and UA contributions to benefits and retirement, please answer the questions below and select "Calculate".

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First, you must obtain the value of the annual tuition for each dependent child who attends one of these three ABOR institutions: University of Arizona, Arizona State University or Northern Arizona University. If you do not know this value, use one of these calculators to estimate the value:
UA Tuition & Fees Calculator | ASU Tuition & Fees Estimator | NAU Tuition & Cost
Now enter the annual tuition value (excluding fees) below for each dependent child.

Annual tuition for dependent child #1:
Annual tuition for dependent child #2:
Annual tuition for dependent child #3:
Annual tuition for dependent child #4:

Annual UA Contribution to Your Benefits

Employee Benefit UA Contribution
Medical Insurance* $0.00
Dental Insurance $0.00
Retirement Plan Contributions** $0.00
Social Security*** $0.00
Medicare*** $0.00
Basic Life Insurance $0.00
Long-term Disability Insurance $0.00
Workers' Compensation $0.00
Tuition Reduction $0.00
Annual Total Compensation
Benefits (UA Contribution) $0.00
Salary $0.00
Total Compensation
(Salary + UA Contribution)
UA Contribution to Benefits
as a Percentage of Total Compensation
A Partial List of Additional Benefits
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Note: Estimates are based on Benefits Plan Year 2019 and FY 2018-19
*For HSAO plans - amount includes the premium and the contribution to the HSA account
**UA contribution may be higher if you were hired before 1996. If you are an ASRS retiree collecting a pension, then the retirement plan contribution refers to the Alternate Contribution Rate (ACR) only. UA does not require return-to-work retirees to make ACR payments. The payments are made by UA to meet the ACR requirement.
***Actual values may be lower based on your pre-tax deductions.

Disclaimer: This tool is for illustrative purposes only and provides benefits-eligible employees an estimate of their total compensation based on specific options selected. The actual value of total compensation may be different.