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Approved Extended Leave FAQs

General Questions

Am I eligible to use my Qualified Tuition Reduction waiver during my Unpaid Leave of Absence?

Yes. If you are benefits-eligible, you are eligible to participate in the Qualified Tuition Reduction program.

Will I continue to receive service credits?

No. You will not continue to receive service credit during your Unpaid Leave of Absence. Members of the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) may elect to purchase service credit (up to 12 months) for the period of the Unpaid Leave. Requests to purchase service credits may be made after return to active status by contacting ASRS at (520) 239-3100.

Will I continue to earn vacation and/or sick time?

No. You will not receive vacation and/or sick leave accruals during the period of your Unpaid Leave of Absence.

What happens to my Deferred Compensation and/or my Tax Sheltered Annuities during my Unpaid Leave of Absence?

Your Deferred Compensation and/or Tax Sheltered Annuities suspend during unpaid leave. Deductions start again upon your return to work. You will need to contact your agent to find out if you qualify for the catch-up provision.

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