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Extended Active Military Leave FAQs

General Questions

May I use my accrued vacation hours during my Extended Military Leave?

Yes, if you choose to. Vacation can be taken at your current FTE (full-time equivalent). Make arrangements with your department's payroll representative to ensure your vacation time is properly authorized and calculated.

Will I accrue sick or vacation time during my Military Leave of Absence?

No. Employees on an unpaid Extended Military Leave do not accrue sick or vacation leave.

Will there be a break in my service during the time I am serving on active duty?

No. The period of active duty shall represent continuous University service as long as the military service conforms to the provisions specified by the Veterans' Reemployment Act.

What other resources are available for further information on USERRA and Extended Military Leave?

  • American Red Cross/Armed Forces Emergency Services - Phone: 318-6740
  • US Code: Title 38, Chapter 43 provides the text of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. United States Code at Chapter 43, Part III, Title 38.
  • USERRA Advisor helps Veterans understand employee eligibility and job entitlements, employer obligations, benefits and remedies under the Act. (
  • U.S. DOL (Department of Labor) Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS). The VETS home page contains an interactive guided program that provides valuable information and answers questions about USERRA.

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