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My Pay and Benefits during FMLA Leave

Use of Paid Time during FMLA Leave

FMLA leave runs concurrently with the use of the eligible employee’s accrued paid time benefits, as applicable, (i.e., sick time, vacation time, paid parental leave, and, for non-exempt employees, compensatory time), approved use of compassionate transfer of leave, and during the receipt of any disability/insurance plan payments (i.e., short-term disability, long-term disability, or worker’s compensation). A period of FMLA leave will be unpaid if the employee is not eligible for accrued paid time or exhausts his or her balance of accrued paid time.
An eligible employee’s use of approved FMLA leave will be recorded on the employee’s official time records and counted toward the employee’s basic leave entitlement or military family leave entitlement until the available leave entitlement is exhausted. Use of FMLA leave may be tentatively entered into the eligible employee’s official time record while awaiting sufficient information or certification to confirm a FMLA-qualifying reason exists. Time reporting codes for FMLA leave are listed on the Financial Services – Payroll website.

Healthcare, Life, and Disability and Other Insurance Coverage

During FMLA leave, the University may continue an employee’s medical, dental, vision, supplemental life insurance and short-term disability coverage under its group plan as follows:
While on a paid FMLA leave, the University will continue to make payroll deductions to collect an employee’s share of group insurance premiums.
While on an unpaid FMLA leave, an employee may choose to retain or terminate any or all of his or her current group insurance coverage (i.e., medical, dental, vision, life insurance, short-term disability insurance). If the employee elects to retain coverage, then he or she must continue to pay the employee portion of the applicable premium(s), by submitting a payment, either in person or by mail. Human Resources Benefits Administration must receive the payment by the first business day of each month. If the payment is more than 30 calendar days late, then the University may terminate the employee’s coverage. The University will provide a written notice to the employee at least 15 calendar days prior to the employee’s loss of coverage, in the event that a payment is not received. Upon return to work in a paid status, the employee has the right to resume any and all group insurance coverage he or she held prior to the FMLA leave and must notify Human Resources of his or her intent to resume coverage within 31 calendar days following return to work.
Participation in other insurances and programs normally deducted from an employee’s paychecks, such as automobile and home insurance, may be continued during an unpaid FMLA leave if the employee pays the required premiums by the first of each month. If the employee elects to continue coverage, he/she must pay the entire cost of the insurance. Please contact the following administrators for continuation of coverage offerings:

AZ State Savings and Credit Union (800) 671-1098
Campus Recreation Center (520) 621-4709
Deferred Compensation (800) 545-4730
Vantage West Credit Union (800) 888-7882
Flexible Spending Account – ASI (800) 659-3035
Parking & Transportation (520) 626-7275
ReliaStar Life Insurance (800) 841-4736 ext. 7736
Tax Sheltered Annuities

Arrangements must be made with the Human Resources Benefits Administration prior to the beginning of the leave. Failure to make such arrangement prior to the beginning of the leave could result in termination of the employee’s benefits.


There is no refund of retirement contributions upon commencement of leave, based on the assumption that the employee will return to work following the conclusion of their requested leave. For further information regarding retirement, please contact the Human Resources Benefits Administration.