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Professional Development Opportunities

At the UA, we’re thinkers and doers, always moving forward, upward. We value reflection, growth, and development. Empower yourself: step up. 

Professional development opportunities allow you to take control of your goals and contribute in a meaningful way. Share your experiences and learn something new.


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Academic Leadership Institute (ALI)

Information Technology Leadership Academy

Microsoft IT Academy 

Employee Advising

We know that University employees want more than just a "job." They want meaningful careers that leverage their talents and are aligned with their values. We also know that employees’ needs and goals change over time. At the University, we offer diverse career paths, with opportunities to advance up the career ladder, transition to new fields, and pursue flexible work options. 

Please call 520-621-8298 to schedule an appointment with an Employee Advisor at UA or call 520-626-5593 at UAHS.