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Executive Searches

The Division of Human Resources, at the request of the President and the Senior Leadership Team, designed the following tool to provide members of the UA community with information on current executives searches - position announcements, information about search firms, search committee member lists, and current search statuses. To see details about a particular search, click on the links below.

Generally, 'executive searches' refers to searches for Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Deans.

Looking for information on how to engage a search or sourcing firm? Click here.

Active Searches

Position Search Firm Status
Assistant Vice President and Comptroller of Financial Services Reviewing Applications
Opened May 2019
Associate Dean for Research, College of Fine Arts (UA Internal Only) Reviewing Applications
Opened April 2019
Associate Dean, Clinical and Competency-Based Education (Phoenix, AZ) Interviewing
Opened February 2019
Associate Dean, Curricular Affairs, College of Medicine – Tucson Witt/Kieffer Reviewing Applications
Opened May 2019
Dean of Medicine - Tucson Russell Reynolds Interviewing
Opened September 2018
Dean of Nursing Russell Reynolds Interviewing
Opened October 2018
Senior Vice President of Development, Arizona Health Sciences Accepting Applications
Opened April 2019
Vice Provost, Online and Distance Education On-Campus Visit
Opened April 2019