Accompanist, Senior

Position Type:

Purpose of Classification:

Composes and provides musical accompaniment for dance classes, performances and/or individual performers. Assists with scheduling of Accompanists.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

This is second in a series of two classifications and is distinguished from the Accompanist in that there is considerably more composing involved. Incumbents assist professors with their classes by writing and grading quizzes, leading discussion and training new Accompanists.

Example of Duties:

  • Provides musical accompaniment for choral groups, dance classes and individual performers during practice sessions and performances.
  • Plays from memory or by following score.
  • Selects and arranges musical compositions.
  • Composes and performs music for student choreography programs.
  • Assists with and participates in music classes by writing and grading quizzes and leading small group discussions.
  • Assists Music Director with scheduling of accompanists, matching accompanist with needs of instructors.
  • Provides work direction and guidance to new Accompanists.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of musical repertoire.
  • Knowledge of musical arrangement and composition.
  • Skill in playing appropriate instrument.
  • Skill in following musical direction.
  • Ability to effectively communicate.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Three years experience in the selection and arrangement of musical compositions; OR,
  • Any equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education approved by Human Resources.
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