Automotive Service Attendant

Position Type:

Purpose of Classification:

Services vehicles with fuel, lubricants and accessories.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

This is first in a series of seven classifications.

Example of Duties:

  • Fuels vehicles.
  • Changes oil and filter and lubricates vehicles.
  • Changes, repairs and balances vehicle tires.
  • Makes emergency service calls on and off campus as required.
  • Picks up parts from vendors.
  • Checks vehicles and records any damages.
  • Washes and cleans vehicles.
  • Drives buses and other vehicles for special events or field trips as required.
  • Assists mechanics in the repair of vehicles when requested.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of techniques to service vehicles.
  • Skill in servicing vehicles with fuel, lubricants and accessories.
  • Ability to effectively communicate.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Six months automotive service experience.
  • Any equivalent combination of experience, training and /or education approved by Human Resources.
  • Possession of a current Arizona Type D, B or C driver's license upon employment.
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