Facilities Inspector

Position Type:

Purpose of Classification:

Inspect University facilities to meet section 41-793, paragraph E, of Senate Bill 1345 states, "The agency responsible for a building system shall inspect the condition, maintenance and utilization of each building within the building systems not less than once every three fiscal years and shall report their findings pursuant to subsection B of this section", to the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). Provide specification/plan reviews for new facilities and to provide technical support to Facilities Management Director, Managers and Supervisors. Provide written shop estimates/review computer generated estimates as directed by management.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

This is a specialized classification and not part of a series. Condition elements will include, dirty environment, extreme temperatures, lifts or carries heavy objects, restricted movement, hazardous materials, intense noise, air contamination and working from extreme heights. These conditions may/will require proper safety training and the utilization of proper safety equipment. Work schedule will be changed to meet inspection schedules which could include working nights, weekends and off shifts.

Example of Duties:

  • Identify facility repairs not accomplished as part of routine maintenance which have reached the point where facility deterioration and/or life safety concerns are evident and affect the proper functioning of the facility. The inspection process includes the review of 13 building components to satisfy University requirements and to meet Senate Bill 1345. Exercises broad discretion in the application of the inspection procedures to include estimates of material cost, labor cost and the incorporation of Tri-University standards.
  • Perform specification and plan reviews of new facilities that include but are not limited to, new construction, remodels, upgrades and maintenance to assure compliance with contract documents, specifications and building codes.
  • Provides support and assists Facilities Management Director, Managers and Supervisors with development of work plans, Construction Decision Packages submittals and building/system wear out studies.
  • Provides support for engineers, architects, department heads, managers, supervisors and skill craft trades in the review of building systems by providing reports of deferred maintenance findings, material and labor estimates and recommended corrective action.
  • Trains peers from similar or dissimilar fields or of differing status in the review of deferred maintenance objectives which will include cross training of inspection requirements on the 13 building components.
  • Performs modifications, troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance on a wide variety of standard and specialized technical equipment as directed by administrative staff.
  • Keeps records, writes reports and assists in the preparation of reports, material/labor estimates. Assist with the training of others to support Senate Bill 1345.
  • Operates many types of testing equipment including highly sophisticated, specialized, unique devices designed and constructed solely for identifying deferred maintenance items on various buildings, systems and other University properties.
  • Any duties as assigned to meet the needs of the Deferred Maintenance Team.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of building construction, materials and methods.
  • Knowledge of all applicable building codes for requested inspection discipline.
  • Skill in both verbal and written correspondence at all levels of the University, including department heads, building monitors, directors, managers, supervisors, peers and others who are responsible for construction/maintenance of facilities.
  • Skill in the use of personal computers and ability to access appropriate programs to complete work assignments.
  • Ability to climb ladders including to roof tops.
  • Ability to lift and carry up to 80 pounds.
  • Ability to conduct research information using books, reports, internet, etc.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Completion of a federally approved apprenticeship program in the building trades or other approved technical training programs (with certificate) plus six years journeyman experience in commercial/institutional construction; AND,
  • Certification by the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), or demonstrated ability to obtain such certification within six months, or other nationally recognized agency conducting written examinations of technical competency in the field of electrical, plumbing, mechanical, building inspector, building code accessibility/usability specialist or other inspectors as required by the University. The specialty of the inspector position will be determined by the need of the department at the time of positing.
  • Any equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education approved by Human Resources.
  • Possession of a current Arizona Type D driver's license upon employment.
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