Law Enforcement Access to University Spaces, Individuals, and Records

The University of Arizona Police Department (UAPD) is our campus law enforcement agency. UAPD officers are regularly in public and non-public areas of campus for a variety of reasons beyond enforcement activity, such as evaluating building security or attending administrative meetings. If you have questions about the presence of or a request from a UAPD officer, you may contact the on-duty UAPD supervisor at 520-621-8273.

At times, law enforcement officers from other agencies come to campus to engage in enforcement activity, give a guest lecture, or conduct other business. Questions sometimes arise about the presence or activity of non-UAPD officers. The information below is provided as a resource so that employees know how to respond to various requests and situations involving non-UAPD officers. As with any individual on campus, please be courteous and respectful when communicating with officers.

Most areas of the UA campus, such as the UA Mall, are open to the public, including non-UAPD officers. Other spaces, such as classrooms, office spaces, and research labs are not generally open to the public and are limited to certain individuals, such as employees, registered students, program participants, or invited guests.

If there are emergency or exigent circumstances (i.e., entry is necessary to provide emergency assistance or prevent physical harm, escape of a suspect, or destruction of evidence), a non-UAPD officer might enter a space without requesting access. The officer might state that there are emergency or exigent circumstances, or it might be apparent from the behavior (e.g., in active pursuit of an individual). In this type of situation, follow the officer’s instructions and help facilitate access.

Confirmed Guests

If there are no emergency or exigent circumstances, greet officers in accordance with normal business practices, such as asking how you can be of assistance, if the officer has an appointment, and the officer’s name. If the officer has a confirmed appointment or purpose, such as to speak to a class, provide assistance as you would for any other guest.

Enforcement Activity or No Confirmed Purpose

If a non-UAPD officer is not a confirmed guest, but wishes to have access to a non-public space or speak with an individual, ask if the officer is present for enforcement-related purposes, such as an investigation. If the officer answers affirmatively or declines to disclose the reason for the request, let the officer know that you are unable to confirm whether an individual is present or provide consent to access a space on behalf of the University of Arizona or other individuals. You may refer the officer to UAPD for questions or assistance at 520-621-8273. If the officer proceeds to enter, do not block access or interfere. You may call UAPD for assistance.

If an officer asks to leave their name, contact information, and agency for an individual so that the individual can follow up if they choose, do not confirm whether the individual is present, but accept the contact information and provide it to that individual.

Judicial or State Agency Warrants

If a non-UAPD officer has a search or arrest warrant issued by a judge or state agency, the officer does not need consent to enter an area and is not required to show you the warrant, although you may ask for the officer’s name, agency, and identification number and to see or make a copy of the warrant. Do not block access or interfere. You may call UAPD for assistance.

Federal and Arizona law prohibits individuals from lying about any material matters in a law enforcement investigation; tampering with evidence including altering, hiding, or destroying it; concealing or hiding individuals who are the subject of law enforcement activity; hindering an investigation; or interfering with an arrest. You could be arrested and prosecuted if you take these actions.

Subpoenas for Records

If a process server or other person attempts to serve you or a member of your staff with a subpoena for records (typically called a Subpoena Duces Tecum), do not accept the subpoena. Instruct the process server to take the subpoena directly to the Office of the General Counsel, Administration Building, Room 103. If you receive a subpoena in the mail (or if someone in your office accepts a subpoena in spite of these instructions), you should immediately contact the Office of the General Counsel and deliver a copy of the subpoena to that office (noting the date of service and person accepting). If an individual claims to be a law enforcement officer requesting immediate access to records, you should also refer that individual to the Office of the General Counsel. If you have questions, contact Jennifer Bailey in the Office of the General Counsel at 520-621-3175 or

Subpoenas for Personal Appearance

If the subpoena is for your personal appearance in a deposition or a trial in a matter related to the UA, you may accept the subpoena and should then immediately contact the Office of the General Counsel and deliver a copy of the subpoena to to that office for assistance. (This office will not be able to assist you if the subpoena involves a personal matter unrelated to your University employment.) You should not accept a subpoena for personal appearance on behalf of anyone else. If you have questions, contact Jennifer Bailey in the Office of the General Counsel at 520-621-3175 or

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