Preparations for UCAP Results Letters

Oct. 8, 2019

To prepare for the release of UCAP results letters to employees* on October 29, department representatives can help by completing the following actions.

Action Needed:

  • By October 11: Enter final UCAP Mapping [including recent Manager Self Service (MSS) Job Changes].
  • After October 11: Limit MSS Job Changes for Position Life Cycles, New Assignments, and Additional Jobs. Any position, title, or department change processed after results letters are released will require additional mapping and a manual results letter to be issued. (More information on this process will be provided later.)
  • By October 21: Identify upcoming employee separations by coordinating with managers and supervisors in your unit. This includes all voluntary and involuntary termination reasons, such as resignations, retirements, layoffs, non-renewals, probationary terminations, or end of job. Work closely with HR Consulting for advising on application of policies for separations of employment.
  • By October 21: Submit MSS Terminations in UAccess for any employees who will separate from an in-scope job or employment with an effective date on or before UCAP’s January 27, 2020, implementation date. (Note: You may now process MSS Terminations more than 90-days in advance.)

*Expected end dates on job records will not suppress the results letters. Results letters will be released to employees for each in-scope job that is active on October 29 without a pending MSS Termination in UAccess.

Questions? Contact Workforce Systems at or 520-621-3664.