Important Action Items for Pay Period Beginning Aug. 10

Aug. 14, 2020

Dear College and Department Representatives,

Please review the following important dates and deadlines.

Thursday, Aug 20 - 5:00 pm

  • Final approval deadline for position distribution changes with effective dates of Aug. 10-23.
  • Final approval deadline for UAccess Employee job data changes with effective dates of Aug. 10-23.

Friday, Aug. 21

  • Snapshot will be taken for the Furlough and Furlough-Based Salary Programs to capture the most current data.

Saturday, Aug. 22

  • Pay reduction process runs.
    • Pay reductions for fiscal-year employees and those enrolled in the 9/12 Pay Plan Option will be effective Aug. 10.
    • Pay reductions for academic-year employees will be effective Aug. 17.

Monday, Aug. 24

  • Employee Self-Service Tile will be most accurate beginning on this date.


  • Fiscal- and academic-year Faculty and Appointed Professional Notice of Appointments/Reappointments and academic-year Graduate Assistant/Associate Notice of Appointments are not yet available. Workforce Systems will communicate when these contracts become available for generation.
  • Fiscal-year Graduate Assistant/Associate Notice of Appointments are available to generate by Dept/College List.
  • The hiring slowdown for faculty and staff positions continues until June 30, 2021. Approved waiver requests must be attached to MSS New Hire and MSS Job Change requests. This includes transfers, promotions, and compensation increases.


Questions? Contact Workforce Systems at

Thank you,

- HR Workforce Systems