2022-2023 NOA/NORs - Coming Soon!

June 27, 2022

The 2022-2023 Notice of Appointments and Reappointments (NOA/NOR) templates will soon be available for faculty, appointed personnel, and graduate assistants/associates.  We will send MSS College/Division and Department Contract Approvers additional announcements when they can begin generating NOAs/NORs (both fiscal and academic appointments) for their respective units.  

To help with planning, refer to the FY/AY 2023 Contract Generation Schedule.  We ask that Contract Approvers please wait for confirmation to begin generating contracts even though dates are posted for planning purposes.

If you have questions about the contract generation process, please contact HR Workforce Systems at workforcesystems@arizona.edu.

Please share this information with your colleagues.

- HR Workforce Systems