Reminder: Fiscal/Academic Year Dates and Deadlines

June 1, 2022

As you work on fiscal year-end activities in preparation for FY23 and AY23, find some tips and reminders to keep in mind, below. 


Fiscal Year-End Rollover Schedule

Are you keeping up with important dates and deadlines for rollover? See the Fiscal Year-End (Rollover) Schedule.


Job Changes, Sabbaticals, Leaves, and Terminations

Help reduce last minute requests by submitting any outstanding transactions effective for July 1, 2022 to Workforce Systems now.

A report is available in UAccess Analytics to help you identify employees with jobs expiring June 30, 2022 at UAccess Analytics> Employee> Rollover> Home. Submit a MSS Job Change to extend their positions or a MSS Termination, as applicable.

As a reminder, the moratorium on discretionary pay changes1 for FY22 remains in effect for all employee types, including Graduate Assistants/Associates and student workers. Discretionary pay changes effective for FY22 (June 30, 2022 or earlier) are no longer accepted.

Given the high volume of pending Job Changes, here are some tips for processing multiple changes for an employee:

  • Process Job Changes in effective date order:  Withdraw a pending Job Change if you need to submit another Job Change with an earlier effective date.
  • Submit all Job Changes effective on the same date on the same Job Change transaction:  If not all changes were included on a pending Job Change, withdraw the pending Job Change and submit a new one with all changes effective the same day.
  • Multiple Salary Lines may be added on a Job Change:  You must click on the checkbox “Allow Multiple Salary Lines” if you need to add additional SAL or SAL9 compensation rows.  However, add comments to a transaction if you need Workforce Systems to add multiple hourly rows.
  • Contact Workforce Systems before submitting MSS Exceptions for Job Changes (not including adding additional jobs):  Contact Workforce Systems to confirm the correct transaction type or to work through transaction errors before submitting an MSS Exception.  MSS Exceptions that should have been processed through Job Changes or another transaction type will not be accepted.


Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs)

If you have DCCs who will continue into FY23, extend their relationship this month before they expire on June 30, 2022. The DCC Rollover Guide outlines the process to end/extend multiple DCCs at once.

We are also pleased to share that we have added a new field to the DCC Modify and Rollover transactions which allows you to update the DCC subcategory without submitting a new DCC request.  


FY22 and FY23 Position Distribution

The Position Distribution rows for July 1, 2022, have been inserted for FY23. You may now begin updating both FY22 and FY23 funding through MSS Position Distribution. Please keep in mind:

  • Changes made to FY22 do not automatically update FY23 Position Distribution and vice-versa; therefore, you may need to update both fiscal years
  • FY22 continuation accounts will continue to be added each pay period for accounts expiring before June 30, 2022
  • FY23 continuation accounts have been inserted on the July 1, 2022 row for accounts expiring on June 30, 2022
  • You can use the following paths to view current and future funding reports:
    • Budget and Position Distribution Report: UAccess Analytics > Employee > Rollover > Budget and Position Distribution Report
    • Funding and Compensation Details Report: UAccess Analytics > Employee > Rollover > Funding and Compensation Details
    • Position Distribution History: UAccess Employee > Manager Self Service > MSS Online Forms > Position > Request Position Dist (New) > Position Distribution History Link




The MSS daily pagelet for Faculty, Appointed and Grad contracts is currently disabled for rollover. You may continue to generate individual contracts for hires effective in FY22. 


College and Division Contract Approvers must remove, deny or withdraw outstanding contracts by June 13, 2022. The following reports in UAccess Analytics are available to assist with this review:


  • Contracts pending for employee acceptance: UAccess Analytics > Employee > Manager Self Service > Contracts Past Due
  • Contracts generated but not sent to employees:  UAccess Analytics > Employee > Manager Self Service > Contracts Not Sent to Employees


Questions? Contact Workforce Systems at

Please share this information with your colleagues.

- HR Workforce Systems 


1The moratorium includes all pay change reasons with the exception of promotions or transfers for positions that have undergone competitive recruitment