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Temporary Employment FAQs

General Questions

How do I know what a temporary worker will cost?

Under the temporary staffing contracts effective April 1, 2017, departments will determine the hourly wage to be paid to a temporary worker, and the staffing agency will add a fixed percentage markup to cover its costs. See pricing details for each temporary employment agency

How do I decide what to pay a temporary worker?

As of January 1, 2017, the minimum wage in Arizona is $10 per hour, and this applies to staffing agencies. As you evaluate pay options, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • You may use the classified staff pay ranges for guidance. Consider an hourly wage at which you would hire a new UA employee.
  • If a temporary worker is replacing an incumbent employee and assuming all duties of the position, you could benchmark the pay rate against the incumbent’s wage.
  • If you require the temporary worker to have specific skills or training, you can expect a higher pay rate.

Can I hire a temporary worker as a UA employee?

Departments may post and competitively recruit for a position currently filled by a temporary worker.  However, staffing agencies usually charge a conversion fee if one of their employees is hired to fill that position. The University was able to negotiate the elimination of some conversion fees. However, certain agencies will charge this additional fee or will not release their employee before a specified period has passed. See conversion fee details.

Temporary employees interested in working for the University may find all open positions and submit an application at There are computers in the Division of Human Resources office (University Services Building Room 114) if they need access to a computer.

Can I use these vendors if I work at one of the satellite campuses?

Yes. Several vendors (indicated with ** on the PDF) have indicated they are willing to serve the Biomedical campus in Phoenix. For other locations, we suggest you contact any of these vendors to inquire about their capacity to serve your needs.

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