Take a look at what employees are saying about their experiences with LinkedIn Learning so far!

“I have really enjoyed using LinkedIn Learning.  There are so many valuable learning opportunities readily available and easy to follow. This is really a fantastic resource, to grow professionally, that I plan on taking full advantage of, and hope others do as well.” 

– Chip Young, Admissions 

“I am pleased that the college has provided LinkedIn Learning for our faculty and staff. LinkedIn Learning is an excellent tool for staff to stay engaged and to showcase completed courses on their LinkedIn profiles. It creates another opportunity for supervisors and employees to talk about professional development goals throughout the year.”

– Chelsea Meraz, Faculty Affairs & Development

“The LinkedIn Learning platform has been one of the more valuable tools offered to date. I’ve completed two courses within the first two weeks of access and plan to continue to commit to at least one hour per week moving forward. What a great opportunity for staff to learn about topics that interest them and continue to spur professional development!” 

– Chris Dieterich, Instructional Technology

“LinkedIn Learning has opened up a whole world of training. From tips on remote work to negotiation strategies, from desk yoga to excel training, I have learned from (and enjoyed!) my time in LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is easy to navigate, full of fascinating courses which I can easily browse through and bookmark ones that apply to me. Thanks for providing this resource!”

– Caitlin Lythgoe, Center for Simulation and Innovation 


Learning and growth at work (and in life!) is a journey and life-long process.  The College of Medicine–Phoenix is committed to supporting our employees personal and professional development and is proud to announce we offer LinkedIn Learning to our staff and faculty!

Please note that this benefit is available to all 0.5FTE and higher benefits-eligible staff and faculty.