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Compensation for Independent Study

For eligible faculty: Any faculty member NOT on fiscal appointment, NOT otherwise compensated for the same work, NOT already compensated up to the maximum one-third allowable for supplemental compensation, and who is actively directing students formally enrolled in independent study courses will be eligible for this compensation in accordance with university regulations. PDF

Contract Rate Adjustment Request

Justification form for compensating the FULL contract salary amounts to academic New Hire/Rehire Faculty and Graduate Assistants/Associates who arrive more than two pay periods after the beginning of the Fall or Spring Semester. Approval by the Provost's Office is required for both situations. PDF

Designated Campus Colleague (DCC) Worksheet

Worksheet helpful for capturing information necessary for Manager Self Service (MSS) DCC requests. MS Word

Electronic Manager Self Service (MSS) Forms

UAccess Employee MSS forms are used to hire employees, update jobs, positions, titles, personal information and to submit termination and retirement requests. Link

I-9 Form (Hardcopy form for remote hires only)

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration form submitted to verify employees' identity and employment authorization.  The hardcopy form is completed for remote hires who will be working out of state; otherwise, documents are submitted and signed electronically through Manager Self Service (MSS).

  • Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 (Fillable electronically) PDF
  • Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 (This version is unfillable and must be printed for completion on paper only.) PDF

Intermittent/Occasional Volunteer Worksheet

As a streamlined DCC type, the IOV relationship is not intended for individuals who require specialized training and/or access to University systems/services including NetIDs and CatCards, or are performing security sensitive or export control functions. MS Word

New Hire Worksheet

For Classified Staff, Faculty, Appointed Personnel and Graduate Assistant/Associate. Tool to assist with the collection of information for the electronic new hire requests. MS Word

Other Professional Services Form (OPS)

Other Professional Services Compensation (OPSC) consists of fixed-fee assignments for services not tied to hours, not covered by the institutional base salary (IBS) and that do not count toward an employee’s maximum Supplemental Compensation Authorized Earnings. Work is performed outside the employee’s regular assignment and compensation is not paid on sponsored account. PDF

Pay Option Forms

Enrollment forms and instructions for Flex 1-6, Academic Staff and 12-month pay arrangements for 9-month employees.

  • Flexible Year Enrollment PDF
  • Academic Appointed/Faculty 9/12 Information Link
  • 9/12 Pay Plan Option Enrollment Agreement PDF
  • Return to 9/9 Academic Pay Plan PDF

PAF (Personnel Action Form)

A UAccess Analytics document populated with employee and job data at time of its retrieval. Link

Signature Authorization List and Instructions/Examples

Designation of individuals authorized to sign hard-copy documents as department and college approvers.

  • Instructions/Examples PDF
  • Signature Authorization List MS Word

Supplemental Compensation Forms

The online MSS Supplemental Compensation form is available in UAccess Employee. Link


The online MSS Termination form is available in UAccess Employee. Link

Attach hardcopy termination reports to MSS Exception requests if you are not able to submit through normal processing.

  • Termination Report PDF