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Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) Implementation Details

Monday, October 31, 2016

Would you like to know more about how and when the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulatory changes will be applied?  We encourage you to review the key implementation details below.

Automatic Conversion

Implementation of the mandated Department of Labor FLSA regulatory changes will result in an automatic conversion from exempt to non-exempt and from an annualized to an hourly rate for employees whose weekly earnings are less than the new $913 weekly threshold.

FLSA Changes Reflected in UAccess Employee

The UAccess Employee system will reflect the changes to the employees’ job records on Sunday, November 20, 2016, and in UAccess Analytics on Monday, November 21, 2016.

Hourly Rate Calculation

The hourly rate will be calculated by dividing the annualized rate by the total number of fiscal/or academic work hours. 

                Fiscal = 2088
                Academic = 1600

Example (Fiscal):  $30,000 / 2088 = $14.368
Example (Academic):  $30,000 /1600 = $18.75

Hourly Rate Rounding

The hourly rate will be carried out three characters to the right of the decimal, and the third number will be rounded up in all cases where the fourth number is greater than 0.  

Please direct any questions or concerns to the members of the University’s FLSA Taskforce by emailing

1FLSA Taskforce Members

PRis Cantu, Director Workforce Systems
Ross Cobb, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Business Affairs
Kelly Delforge, Director, Human Resources Solutions and Consulting
Michelle Meyer, Manager, Payroll
​Abbie Montenegro, Principal Enterprise Business Analyst, Workforce Systems
Garth Perry, Assistant Director, Budget Office
Helena Rodrigues, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
Stephanie Rosenberg, Senior Associate General Counsel
Nicole Salazar, Comptroller
Marilyn Taylor, Senior Assistance Vice President, Finance and Administration
David Wagner, Associate General Counsel
Staci Wilson, Director, HR Systems – Benefits Administration

*There are 2088 work hours in FY 2016-17.