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FY 2015-2016 MSS Position Distribution Available

Monday, June 8, 2015

It’s the time of the season to shift into gear— to manage the funding for the new fiscal year.  Position distribution and budget data too—combined to enhance the information you view.  Jump into action, don’t wait ‘til year end--early is better—‘tis what we recommend.

MSS Position Distribution

Manager Self Service (MSS) Position Distribution is now available for establishing FY16 funding.
·         July 1, 2015 account distribution is populated for all active positions and is based on the last funding in place as of June 8, 2015.
·         Continuation accounts have replaced accounts set to expire on or before June 30, 2015.

Updating FY15 MSS Position Distribution

·         Don’t forget to review MSS position distribution history—to prevent a future funding mystery

Analytic Reports

The Position Encumbrance & Detail and Rollover dashboards include a report that contains information from MSSPosition Distribution and the Budget.  The report provides the ability to indicate the snapshot period and different levels of detail to accommodate reconciliation and review options.  The report includes the following selection options:

2 Navigation Paths

·         Navigation:   Dashboard>Position Encumbrance & Detail>Budget & Position Distribution tab

·         Navigation:  Dashboard>Rollover>Budget & Position Distribution tab

Snapshot Period

·         July 1 effective date – snapshot as of June 8th (change Fiscal Year to 2016)

·         July 1 effective date – last approved position distribution (change Fiscal Year to 2016)

·         Current approved position distribution(defaults to current Fiscal Year)

·         Future approved position distribution(change Fiscal Year to 2016)

Level of Detail

·         Position Distribution

·         Position Distribution with Budget

·         Position Distribution with Budget and Job Data

FY15 or FY16 Permanent or Temporary Budget

·         Updates to FY15 permanent budget (submitted by June 17th deadline) appear on the Budget & Position Distribution report as the Perm, Temp and Original budget until FY16 permanent budget  loads

·         FY16 permanent and temporary budget updates display on theBudget & Position Distribution report  on or after July 1st and replace the FY15 budget information (excluding the June 8th snapshot)


Positions Funded From Accounts Expiring in 90 Days

·         UAccess Employee and UAccess Financials

·         Moderate detail including position, employee and account information

·         Dashboards-->Business Managers Home Page>Home Tab  (left side of page—4th report down)

When in doubt let us help you out…Contact Systems Control at 621-3664.