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FY16 Reference Sheets and Graduate Asst/Assoc Worksheets

Monday, May 4, 2015

It’s beginning to look a lot like rollover season!  The FY2015-2016 Rollover Reference Sheets and the Graduate Assistant/Associate Rollover Worksheets are now available in UAccess Analytics.  Additionally, the Fiscal Year End Rollover Schedule is featured on the Systems Control Website and in a calendar format in the “Business Calendar” section ofUniversity Business Event Tracking (UBET).

Additional rollover information is provided below.

Graduate Assistant/Associate Rollover “Worksheets”

  • Graduate Assistant/Associate worksheets may be used to extend jobs, and change job attributes such as FTE, salary rate, etc.

Rollover “Reference” Sheets

  • may be used as a tool for completing MSS Employment/ Job Change request
  • include employees in an active status as of May 1, 2015
  • cannot be used as a paper source document for submitting changes
  • do not have to be submitted to Systems Control
  • do not include supplemental compensation, other professional services and summer session jobs


“Reference” Sheet Types

  • 9/9 Academic (Salary) Rollover
  • 9/12 Rollover
  • Clinical Rollover
  • Fiscal (Salary) Rollover
  • Wage Rollover
  • Student Worker


Rollover Reference Sheet and Graduate Rollover Worksheet Location

  • Rollover Reference Sheets and Graduate Rollover Worksheets are located at:

Analytics>Dashboard>Employee>Rollover> Home tab


Detailed Information and Instructions

  • Detailed information and instructions are located on the Systems Control website at: