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FY16 Systems Control Update

Monday, June 29, 2015

Let out a big cheer! It’s clear that it’s near

The new year! The new year!  Is practically here

There’s no going back, good planning can’t lack

To ensure the rollover remains right on track

Contracts and funding and job data too

May need your attention before they are due

Notice of Appointments/Reappointments

‘Fiscal’ Notice of Appointments/Reappointments for Faculty, Appointed Personnel and Graduate Assistant/Associates are available for generation, submittal and approval. 

Position Distribution

Have you checked FY16 position distribution lately?  The tips below should help with the task, if questions arise feel free to just ask.

·       Review analytics reports,

·       Confirm that account extensions are approved in KFS before submitting position distribution changes, and

·       Make sure July 1st position funding changes are approved by the close of business Thursday, July 2, 2015.

·       Don’t forget to check future dated distribution history (i.e. July 2, 2015).  The future dated row may override your newly created July 1st distribution.

Employee/DCC Analytic Reports

Need assistance tracking employees and DCCs continuing into FY16?  UAccess Analytics contains the following reports:

·       All Active Employees– displays a list of active employees including individuals in a short-work break status and a paid/unpaid leave of absence.

     Navigation path:  UAccess Analytics->Workforce->All Active Employees (tab)

·        All Personnel Relationships – lists all  active employees including individuals in a short-work break status and a paid/unpaid leave of absence, and DCCs with a current or future end dates.

      Navigation path:  UAccess Analytics->Workforce->All Personnel Relationships (tab)

·       Designated Campus Colleagues – lists all Designated Campus Colleagues and includes a filter for both active and inactive statuses.    Navigation path:  UAccess Analytics->Manager Self Service->Designated Campus Colleagues