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Spring 2015 Graduate Asst/Assoc Worksheets and Faculty Hires/Re-Appointments

Monday, November 3, 2014

Roses are red, violets are blue, the graduate worksheets are ready for you.  Read the instructions, review the report,  extend the job end dates, if they are too short.  FTE’s and salaries from the Fall are displayed and can be validated before grads are paid.

Manager Self Service requests may be submitted to include, Faculty spring hires and re-appointments with end dates renewed.   See below for additional information.

Graduate Assistant/Associate Worksheets
The FY15 Graduate Assistant/Associate Rollover Worksheets are now available in UAccess Analytics.  Click here for additional information and worksheet instructions.

  • Graduate Assistant/Associate worksheets may be used to extend jobs, and change job attributes such as FTE, salary rate, etc. 

Changes or corrections may be submitted on PAFs.

Analytics Report
Need assistance tracking the UAccess Employee status of your Grad Assistants/Associates?  A list of Current GraduateAssistants/Associates is available on the Graduate Students dashboard.

The report:

  • includes Grads who areNew Hires/Rehires, currently active, or on a short work break, and
  • provides an option for reviewing the final outcome of the Graduate Assistant/Associate new hire and rollover processes

Grad Notice of Appointments (NOAs)
The MSS daily pagelet provides a direct link to a pre-filled search page for Grad NOAs appearing on the transaction list when one of the EmplIDs is selected.   

  • Contracts may be generated daily or periodically throughout the beginning of the spring semester.
  • Transactions will drop off the pagelet list once the contracts are generated.

Faculty Spring Semester Hires/Re-appointments
Faculty new hires, rehires and extensions are submitted via the MSS Job Data Change request form.

  • Early document submittal ensures timely access to systems such as D2L and online library privileges.

Expected End Dates

No need to wait until it’s too late…

The Positions Ending within the next 3-months report in Analytics provides a list of individuals whose jobs are scheduled to end within next 30, 60 or 90 days. 

  • Checking the report regularly will alert department representatives to take action if the intent is to extend enddatesbefore a person’s pay is interrupted.
  • Navigation:  Dashboards->Employee->Business Manager Home Page->Home” tab


Important Dates and Deadlines

November 03, 2014 – Graduate Assistant/Associate Worksheets available in Analytics

December 05, 2014 – Graduate Assistant/Associate (Spring 2015) Worksheet deadline

December 05, 2014 – Faculty (Spring 2015) MSS Job Data changes due

I anticipate each of you will forward this communication to each of your respective departments/units.