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UAccess Resources

  • Academic Faculty and Appointed 9/12 Payment Option
    This guide provides simple step-by-step instructions for completing the Manager Self Service Job Change request for the twelve-month payment option for 9-month employees.
  • Action & Reason Details
    All Job Data and Position Data transactions entered in the UAccess Employee System require the selection of Actions and Reasons to describe a person ’s employment, compensation and position history with the University. Action/reason combinations are described in both a comprehensive spreadsheet format and a Manager Self Service Notice of Appointment/Reappointment guide that specifically focuses on triggers.
  • Class Indicator Matrix 2017-2018
    ​All positions in the UAccess Employee contain class indicator codes that map object codes and ERE rates in the financial system. 
  • Designated Campus Colleague Information & Resources
    This page provides detailed information and instructions for DCC requests including a Quick Reference Matrix, DCC and Intermittent and Occasional Volunteer (IOV) worksheets and more...
  • Expected End Dates
    Employee jobs continue until an action is taken to either stop or change their status. An explanation of reasons jobs end and a diagram that visually displays end date options are available in this link.
  • Glossary
    An alphabetical list of UAccess Employee terms, field names, descriptions and definitions.
  • Manager Self Service Online Transaction Matrix
    This matrix not only contains links to forms and the UAccess system, it is also helpful for determining the types of transactions currently available in an electronic format in MSS.
  • Manager Self Service Workflow and Routing Rules Matrix
    A matrix that includes descriptions of business rules associated with MSS workflow routing approval roles by transaction type.
  • New Hire Worksheet (Classified Staff, Faculty, Appointed Personnel and Graduate Assistant/Associate)
    Tool to assist with the collection of information for the electronic new hire requests.
  • Pay Group Information
    Pay groups are logical groupings of employee jobs based on shared characteristics such as benefits eligibility, employee type, FLSA status and ABOR codes. Useful resources such a list of pay group change reasons and definitions are included in this section to assist department/college representatives in determining employees ’ positive/exception pay timesheet reporting.
  • Pop-up Blocker Information
    Instructions for removing pop-up blockers in popular browsers.
  • Position Life Cycles
    New position numbers are not required for changes where the overall position assignment and organizational reporting structure remain the same. Understanding the concepts summarized in this document are key for department/college representatives responsible for managing Manager Self Service job data changes.
  • Position Management - Security Sensitive, Risk Management and Export Control Descriptions
    This document provides descriptions for the Security Sensitive, Risk Management and Export Control questions located in MSS Position Management.
  • Rollover Guides
    The rollover guides provide helpful information for preparing Graduate Assistant/Associate Rollover Worksheets, submitting FY15 Manager Self Service (MSS) requests, and extending Designating Campus Colleague (DCC) relationships.
  • UAccess Provisioning
    To request access for Workforce Admin, Position Cross Reference, Manager Self Service or Analytics please use the link above to take you to the UAccess Provisioning Tool.