Vacation/annual leave is paid time off earned by fully benefits-eligible Appointed Personnel on fiscal-year appointments, University Staff, Classified Staff, and Postdoctoral Scholars.

View a side-by-side comparison of accrual rates for the new University Staff employment category.


An employee regularly scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week (.50 FTE) in a position that is anticipated to continue for at least six months is eligible to earn vacation/annual leave.

Part-time and temporary employees are not eligible to earn or be paid for vacation benefits.

Vacation/Annual Leave Accrual

Employees eligible for vacation/annual leave will accrue hours on a biweekly basis. Accrual rate schedules are based on an individual’s employment category, and FTE. Employees do not earn vacation/annual leave during leaves without pay, or during work breaks.

Classified Staff

Eligible regular Classified Staff employees earn vacation hours based on the number of paid hours (up to 80) per pay period according to the appropriate accrual rate. The vacation accrual rate changes at the start of the third and fifth years of continuous service based on the (adjusted) hire date.

Classified Staff

Length of Service

Hours Per Pay Period Hours Per Hours Paid Days Per Year
First 2 years of continuous service 3.38 .042250 11
3rd and 4th years of continuous service 4.92 .061500 16
5th year and thereafter of continuous service 6.77 .084625


*Based on 1.0 FTE

University Staff

University Staff earn vacation time according to their work schedule. Employees on fiscal-year schedules earn 22 vacation days per year, prorated by FTE. Employees on academic-year schedules earn vacation time only during the months they are working.

Appointed Personnel

Appointed Personnel earn annual leave according to their work schedule. Employees on fiscal-year appointments earn 22 vacation days per year, prorated by FTE.

Faculty members employed on an academic-year schedule are not entitled to paid annual leave. Non-faculty Academic Professionals on an academic-year schedule earn vacation time only during the months they are working.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral scholars employed on a fiscal-year schedule at 1.0 FTE earn 10 days in their first year of appointment and 15 days per year beginning in year 2. Accrual is prorated by FTE and, those postdocs on an academic-year schedule earn vacation time only during the months they are working.


  • Employees request approval in advance from the supervisor for use of vacation/annual leave.
  • Supervisors are responsible for approving and scheduling their employees' vacation/annual leave prior to actual absences, and will accommodate employee requests to the extent that the workload and department requirements permit.
  • Supervisor approval in UAccess Employee constitutes approval of vacation.
  • Vacation/annual leave is not charged when official University holidays occur during a period of approved vacation.
  • The number of paid vacation/annual leave days available to an employee at any given time is the number of vacation days carried forward from prior years plus the number of days earned during the current year. 
  • Eligible employees who separate from the University are paid for their accumulated vacation hours up to the amount they earn in one year.

Vacation Carry Forward

Employees other than postdoctoral scholars may carry forward 320 vacation hours (prorated by FTE) from one calendar year to the next. Accruals in excess of this amount are  forfeited during the pay period that includes January 1. 

Postdoctoral scholars may carry forward 1½ times the maximum number of vacation hours earned in a given year from one calendar year to the next. Excess vacation hours will be forfeited if they are not used by the end of the calendar year. 

Postdoctoral Scholars
Length of Service Maximum Vacation Hours That May Be Carried
Forward Each Calendar Year
  1.0 FTE* Other FTE*
Year 1 (accrual rate = 3.08 hours/pay period) 120 120 x FTE
Years 2–5 of continuous service (accrual rate = 4.62 hours/pay period) 180 180 x FTE

* Fiscal year employment

What Happens to Your Benefits?

  • This leave has no impact on your benefits. Benefit premiums will continue to be deducted from your paycheck.

Link to Policy

Arizona Board of Regents Policy 6-803, Vacation Leave
Classified Staff Human Resources Policy 200.0 Vacation
University Handbook for Appointed Personnel policy 8.01.01
University Staff Manual policy 3-113
Conditions of Postdoctoral Service