Salary Increase Program Guidance

The University's annual Salary Increase Program helps ensure that our colleges and divisions remain competitive in recruiting and retaining staff and faculty. It is a key element of the Compensation Annual Cycle.

Each spring, colleges and divisions allocate a certain percentage of their total salary pool expenditures to fund increases, which are effective at the start of each fiscal year.

Update About FY 2025 Program:

The Financial Situation and Action Plan includes delaying the FY 2025 Salary Increase Program and reevaluating it in future years. We recognize that consistent Salary Increase Programs are important in keeping the University competitive in recruitment and retention. Human Resources and University executive leadership will work to reinstate the program as soon as possible moving forward.

Salary Increase Program Categories

Across-the-Board Increases

General increases are provided to all eligible staff and faculty.

Merit Increases

Provided to recognize individual contributions. Merit increases are given to about 33% of eligible staff and faculty.

Not Included in Salary Increase Programs

Minimum Wage Increases

Minimum wage increases - whether mandated by state, federal, or University decisions - are accounted for separate from Salary Increase Program increases.

Bring-to-Minimum Increases

When adjustments in a pay range cause the minimum of the range to rise above an employee's salary, they will receive a raise to the bottom of the range. These increases are accounted for separate from Salary Increase Program increases.

Market Data-Based Updates

Human Resources annually reviews jobs against market data. If increases are needed based on this review, they are accounted for separate from Salary Increase Program increases. Learn more about External Market-Data Review.

Employee Eligibility


  • Benefits-eligible and non-benefits-eligible faculty and staff who were actively employed as of the start of the most recent fall semester.
  • Graduate Assistants/Associates (Managed by the Graduate College).


  • Student workers.
  • Clinical faculty and residents.
  • Employees with multi-year contracts that have language that excludes them from a university annual increase program (typically athletics head coach positions).
  • Employees with FTE of 0.025 or less.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Employees on a paid leave are eligible to receive an increase during their leave. Employees on an unpaid leave of absence are also eligible, but their increase will take effect when they return to a paid status.


Yes. Sponsored awards generally permit compensation increases so long as they are based on the established compensation review practices of the college and the University. 

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